Travis Fimmel as Yates
Full Name: Yates Bennett
Nickname: {$nickname}
Age: 17
Hometown: Drakeblood Camp
Faction: Good
Position: Warrior
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: n/a Height: 5'11
Father: Reeve Bennett (Deceased) Weight: 143
Mother: Jetta Bennett Hair Color: blonde
Siblings: Witter Bennett Eye Color: blue
Children: n/a


Yates is from the Drakeblood camp, which had a problem with both bandits and pirates. He lost his father, and his brother ended up loosing an arm. It was here he discovered his abilities, as well as received his combat training.



This male stands just under six feet tall and has a lean build. Covering the top of his head is
golden hair that has been secured tightly behind his head, while the sides have been completely
shaved. His eyes are a clear blue that almost seem capable of staring through people, but usually
hold a friendly spark. Clinging to his cheeks is a beard that tries its best to hide all of the
scars adorning the young man's face, but falls short. The most noticeable scar runs from the left
side of his mouth back almost all the way to his ear. Despite his lean build he's muscled in the
manner of one used to swinging weapons as well as manual labor. Calluses and scars cover his hands,
a testament to the work he's already seen.

A bright wool hood trimmed in soft blue connects to a chest length cowl with dagged edges. The long
tunic is belted at the waist with a braided brown leather belt buckled with the guild symbol ad
adorned with a small beltpouch. Light brown trousers are tied at the waist, with the top folding
over to mid thigh and trimmed in soft blue as well. The cuffs tuck into point toed brown leather
calf boots that are cuffed and stamped with the guild's symbol.


Breaking Point. Nice Guy. Drinker. Left Handed. White Knight.

On The Grid

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