Tuthala Wrengrove as played by Anna Speckhart
Full Name: Tuthala Wrengrove
Nickname: Tuthala
Age: 17
Hometown: None
Faction: Neutral
Position: Skillfull
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 4'11"
Father: Donnal Wrengrove Weight: 115lbs
Mother: Emma Wrengrove Hair Color: Black
Siblings: 5 Eye Color: Aquamarine
Children: None


The youngest daughter born to a family of travelers. Her clan would caravan from town to town, and as she grew she was tasked with everything from performing in tumbling acts, jumping through rings of fire, to pickpocketing the onlookers of her family's performances. One fateful performance led to her picking just the wrong pocket, though the tall woman who's coin she sought pulled her aside, trying to calm the now frantic girl with hopes of leading her towards a better life. The woman was a hero from the guild, and was soon filling the young girl's mind with tales of power and grace, and how she could be helping her family in more ways than just earning them coin. The hero thought that a few years under the tutelage of the guild might give her insight and a wider sense of compassion that would allow her to use her skills for a greater good beyond that of just earning coin for her family, but the results have yet to be seen.



At just under five feet in height, this young woman makes up for it with wiry muscle. Slender fingers and long arms lend her a gangly look that she should have outgrown by now. Wild black hair curls and wisps around sunkissed skin and wide aquamarine eyes that almost glow against dark lashes. A narrow nose slopes gently over thin lips, the lower lip seeming perpetually red at one edge.


Climbing, Tumbling, Juggling, Leather Working

On The Grid

Known Associates
Ronan.png Ronan: Hmmm… When around Ronan, I try to keep my guard up. He seems open enough despite this, and he seems to have a way of worming past all shields.
Fiora.png Fiora: Tall, gruff, and impatient. She doesn't seem to like me much, but I don't think I mind. I'll probably live longer if I stay out of her way.
Callisto.png Callisto: She seems friendly enough. She's not what I expected from what little I've seen of her in the halls between classes.
Yates.png Yates: He was there, the day we fought the balverines. He doesn't even seem fazed by it… Kind of makes me wonder if he's taken one too many blows to the head.
Lyle.png Lyle: He reminds me a bit of home. He promised to make me pillows, in all my favorite colors, so I have something to curl up with at night.
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