The Blindfold Part Two
Summary: Callisto finds Ravel right where she left him, and negotiations continue.
Date: May 31 2016
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Dormitory Hall
This hall is vaulted with bare wooden beams arching across to provide some sense of space when the room becomes crowded. The plastered walls are lined with sleeping alcoves, each with a set of bunk beds. The center of the room is complete with long tables with lamps waiting to be lit, and benches to each side to accommodate studies or play. At the far end of the hall there are privies for ladies and gentlemen, and to the west there is an arched entryway leading to the Hall of Classes.
May 31, 1553

Candles are been lit in the dorms, but there is still some evening light filtering through the windows far above where Ravel is slouched against the door frame, blinking back dizziness as he tries to move. Where was his shirt? Why weren't his arms moving? The feeling of the tight cloth around his face kickstarts his mind as the memories start to flood back. His arms start to struggle against what he knew then must be his shirt, working them loose little by little while looking over the myriad of red and pink markings across his chest, trying to read them from above. The most prominent of the lot spells out 'Thief', and he groans aloud as he rolls his eyes and struggles harder.

Callisto returns to the dorm, alone for the moment. Pausing in the door she spots Ravel still where she left him. With a smirk she moves over, circling around him. "You really have no tolerance for my spells…it’s deliciously entertaining." She crouches down behind him and carefully removes his shirt from his wrists, there is a gentle teasing brush of her fingertips along his bare arms as the shirt is untied and falls to the floor. Then she rises up again and circles back around. He gets a sweet smile as she meets his gaze looking down at him with sparkling blue eyes. "You should just give in darling. It would be much easier for you." Because Callisto always gets what she wants and she has apparently set her sights on getting herself a new toy to play with…a toy named Ravel.

Ravel eyes Callisto warily for just a moment before managing to slip a grin back into place as he pulls his shirt forward and rubs at his arms, not bothering to try standing, "Hey, I have tolerance enough to still be alive, so that's good enough for me." He looks her over curiously, trying to decipher what exactly he's up against. "What's in it for me then, eh? If I'm going to be on a leash, there'd better be a damn good reason."

A thin platinum eyebrow arches up slightly and Callisto smiles a smile that is both sweet and does a good job of looking gentle as well. "I'm willing to negotiate that…I'm not unreasonable darling." She crouches down in front of him and reaches a hand out to touch his cheek. "Now what exactly would you like in exchange? I do my best to keep those in my circle happy and loyal….so be honest with me yes? Be honest and I will make you very happy." Her tone is soft and seductive, her touch brushes down his cheek and gently lifts his chin so their eyes lock. Every move she makes is calculated and designed to draw him in without him realizing what is actually happening.

<FS3> Ravel rolls Slow Time: Success.

Ravel relaxes into her touch, but lets out a low chuckle, "Hmm, what do I want…" Time slows slightly as he leans forward, bringing his lips against hers as she crouches beside him. He doesn't pull away as their speeds meet back up in the same flow, letting his eyes slide closed as he continues the kiss for as long as she allows.

The slowing of time causes blue eyes to widen in surprise. Callisto looks positively shocked as his lips press in to steal a kiss, pressing against her own. Her eyes flutter closed for a moment enjoying the kiss but then she pulls back and shakes her head lightly. "I am not offering myself as part of the deal darling. And that was a dirty trick by the way." She looks a little miffed that he was able to steal an actual kiss, as she never kisses anyone on the lips. On the cheek yes but never has she let a guy get that close and it clearly bothers her that he was able to.

Ravel points at the largest of the words marked across his chest, the one in her own bright lipgloss, with a sardonic grin. "Trick? Yes. Dirty? That’s a matter of opinion.” Bringing one of the sleeves of his shirt up, he licks it a few times and then goes about divesting himself of lettering. "Besides, you asked me what I wanted."

Callisto raises a brow keeping her composure and looking quite calmly into his eyes. She peers at him intently her gaze faintly amused. "I tie you up and mark you and then you steal my first proper kiss? Ravel darling it almost sounds like what you want is…me?" She tilts her head silky blonde hair, shifting as it falls over one shoulder. She leans in just a touch her voice gentle and teasing, though she sounds more serious as she adds. "Is that what you want then? Or are you going to ask for something that has actual lasting value."

With a shrug, Ravel continues clearing the words from his skin. His eyes flicking up now and again, warmed by his grin, "Lasting value? What, like gold, or one of your lip glosses or something? What would I do with any of that? You can find gold all over Albion, nothing special about it."

<FS3> Callisto rolls Lightning: Good Success.

"Favors and a level of protection, support, complete loyalty as long as one remains loyal to me in turn…that is what I normally offer. You seem to be determined to change that though." Callisto regards him with a rather blank expression, whatever she feels it doesn't show. There is a subtle glow in her fingertips and she gives him a light shock on the chest with her lightning. Not enough to hurt but enough to startle and affect him. "I will ask once more, name your terms, specifically. Or I will decide them for you."

Ravel yelps at the zap and shakes himself a bit before rubbing at his chest. After a moment of studying her face, he tilts his head curiously to the side, seeming honestly baffled, "Protection? Loyalty? You plan on keeping Sevrin's fists off me when I taunt him? Or hauling soup up to the dormitories when I'm sick? Oh, well, that last bit does sound rather nice actually." He doesn't use any spell to speed his movements, but his hand seems to find it's way to her cheek somehow, brushing against it just briefly before he drops his hand back to his lap. "I don't need your protections or your loyalty, so asking for anything in return would be folly I suppose."

<FS3> Callisto rolls Drain Life: Success.

Callisto smiles at his words, it’s a sweet smile but there is a decidedly unsettling look of glee to her eyes. "Very well. You have no need of my protections and you offer me nothing…which gives me free reign to torment you as I please." She rises to her feet then and looks down at him. Another almost playful shock is aimed at his chest as she moves to circle him considering. "You see most people choose protection…because anyone outside my circle is fair game for those in the circle to mess with." She stands behind him now and her fingers brush through his hair lightly, the drain life spell making a subtle return now.

Ravel tries not to groan aloud at the oversight of who he was truly needing protection from becomes apparent with the second zap. Fists were one thing, but a gaggle of gossip girls could do much more lasting damage, not to mention the life that was continually being drained from him. A thrill of what should be fear twitches through his nerves, the adrenaline leaving him more energized than scared. His lips twitch up into a grin, and his eyes dance with excitement as they fall on Callisto's, "That just means I'm a bit outnumbered." Finally managing to push himself to his feet, he leans in slightly towards her, tucking his hands behind him, "I still like the odds."

"You will lose, darling." Callisto whispers, leaning in slightly, her breath ghosting across his ear. She pulls back and cold ice blue eyes meet excited green ones. "Maybe that’s what you want though? Maybe you want me and my girls to abuse you?" She smiles sweetly and a hand reaches up to brush against the clean part of his bare chest.
"Do you like it when I play with you like this then? It certainly seems like you do…"

Ravel lets out a soft chuckle, mimicking the blonde's sweet smile, "Well, I've only passed out once. Nothing worse than one would expect from a late night tavern crawl." Bringing up an arm along side hers as she toys with his chest, he runs a finger down her forearm through her sleeve, raising an eyebrow as he prompts, "I wonder how many of your girls it will take to finally break me? Or do you keep your playthings to yourself?"

Callisto laughs lightly but her eyes narrow. She reaches out to aim a quick harsh smack across his face. "No touching. I did not say you could." She meets his gaze daring him to defy her. She tilts her head considering him. "You do know that if I took too much from you you would die yes?" She smiles sweetly and leans in her lips brushing against his cheek ever so gently. Soft lips part almost touching his skin now and she whispers. "Please refrain from dying on me pet….hiding bodies is much too troublesome." She kisses his cheek lightly and then pulls back stepping to a polite distance once more. "I will break you, the girls will just get to play with you once I'm done." She smirks and moves past him brushing against him lightly, teasingly as she tries to saunter away.

The sting of the slap makes Ravel wince far more than the previous jolts of electricity, but it doesn't dull the light in his eyes. Reaching up to rub at the reddening flesh after her fleeting kiss to his cheek, he watches her pass, slowing down time for his own amusement rather than to catch up with her. After a moment, he does find himself stepping out after her as she heads for the hall, falling into step beside her as the spell fades and slipping his shirt back over his head."I can only imagine being broken in will mean serving you lot tea and crumpets on demand. Oh, and you forgot something." He produces the red strip of cloth from a pocket once more, examining it for a moment before tucking it back into his pocket. "I think I'll keep it. Could come in handy."

Callisto doesn't glance at him again as she walks. "Do you truly think us so boring? I assure you that is not that case…however to find out you will need to submit." She smiles impishly but still doesn't look at him. As he tucks the bit of red cloth into his pocket she suddenly spins so she is standing in front of him facing him. "You want something to remember me by then? You could just ask for something better than a strip of cloth you know…" She leans in almost as if she is going to kiss him her eyes locked with his. She leans in a bit more their lips almost brushing now. Meanwhile she tries to sneakily steal the cloth from his pocket while he is distracted.

Ravel's grin practically envelops his face as she leans in. Kisses instead of cloth? More than fair. He begins to lean forward to take advantage of the situation when he feels a telltale tug at his side. He sighs inwardly for a fleeting moment, eyes growing slightly unfocused as time begins to slow. Bringing one hand up to run his fingers across Callisto's jawline and into her hair, he slides the other down and secures her grasping hand in his own. Bringing his lips to hers, he slows himself back down to her speed, curling his fingers into her hair and cupping the back of her head as he brings her other hand forward, away from his pocket.

Rather than triumphantly stealing back her blindfold Callisto's plan is foiled. Her hair is gripped in his hand, her eyes wide, and yet she finds herself kissing him back. Until her mind catches up and she realizes what she is doing then she bites down on his lip, hard enough to draw blood. Her gaze is defiant and thoroughly annoyed. Licking his lips lightly to try and lap up some of the forming blood she tries to pull back after that. Still, he could hold her there if he wanted to. She tries her best not to sulk at her failure…she is only pouting a little bit and it looks quite cute despite her best efforts.

Pulling in a quick hissing breath at the bite, Ravel slowly untangles himself from that silky hair and brings her caught hand up to plant a gentle, slightly bloodied kiss on it as he chuckles, "Nice try, but I've had more experience than that afternoon of flipping pillows in the dorms." He releases her hand and steps back a little, a playful smile still pulling at his lips. "Can't trick the trickster that easily."

A sweet smile is given in return for his own playful smile. It’s a smile that promises that this isn't anywhere near over yet. "Then I shall have to try harder next time then." The kiss to her hand has her looking down at it, the blood staining her knuckles makes her smile more, strangely enough. The bloodstained hand is lifted and she playfully flicks her tongue over the skin, cleaning it and tasting his blood at the same time. She manages to make the action look seductive, her eyes locked with his. "Maybe next time I will have better luck." She smiles again, her hand lowering and then she begins to walk away her hips swaying lightly as she goes.

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