The Blindfold Part One
Summary: Callisto catches Ravel shifting through peoples' goods in one of the girls' alcoves, and decides to try and break in a new toy.
Date: May 31 2016
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Dormitory Hall
This hall is vaulted with bare wooden beams arching across to provide some sense of space when the room becomes crowded. The plastered walls are lined with sleeping alcoves, each with a set of bunk beds. The center of the room is complete with long tables with lamps waiting to be lit, and benches to each side to accommodate studies or play. At the far end of the hall there are privies for ladies and gentlemen, and to the west there is an arched entryway leading to the Hall of Classes.
May 31, 1553

Midday light fills the dormitories with a warm glow, but it does nothing to cover the sound of shuffling pillows as they are turned over one by one as Ravel makes his way around the space, checking under each one. Most pillows fall back into place where they belong, but others get tossed across one of his narrow shoulders with a crow of glee.

The occupant of one bed has her head lying atop her pillow with her body cuddled up in the covers. Platinum blonde hair spills out across the pillow, catching the light and glittering a soft pale golden hue. Callisto does a good job of looking like a fairytale princess as she sleeps lightly, vaguely aware of what is going on around her as the commotion causes her to slowly begin to regain her senses. Still those eyes remain closed for now, feigning an innocent and beautiful sleep.

A few hair clips, scraps of cloth, and two small feathers later, Ravel turns to the next bunk only to find it's pillow already occupied. He stops short for a moment, recognizing the waves of honeyed silk that flow across the pillow and the delicate features of Callisto as she appears to sleep soundly before him. An eyebrow comes up, and he waves a hand briefly but silently across her face. Getting no response, he reaches out and runs a few fingers across the hair laying across her pillow.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Drain Life: Success.

That platinum hair is thick yet silky soft to the touch, but before Ravel gets to do more than brush his fingers across it Callisto's hand snaps up and reaches out to try and wrap around his neck. "Is there a particular reason you are snooping around the girls dorm stealing stuff? You are disturbing my day of sleeping in." Callisto's ice blue eyes lock with his, there is a subtle flare of power as she begins to drain life from him, sucking his energy slowly away. She stares intently into his eyes and tries to pull him close by the neck, if she manages to get a hold of him.

Ravel starts to move back a step but finds himself with the slender hand clenched around his throat, one eye twitching as he curses inwardly. A sleepy wooziness starts tugging at his mind, but he doesn't try to break away. "I forgot to ask permission again, didn't I?" he breathes, raising an eyebrow as his lips quirk slightly to the side, letting his gaze be taken over by hers.

Ice blue eyes narrow just a touch and Callisto smirks. "You did." She considers him a moment letting the drain continue to tug on his life force, slowly leeching. Her grip tightens just enough to briefly cut of his airflow and then it releases and reaches up to brush his cheek. "Don't worry…I will get you trained properly in no time." She smiles sweetly at him and leans in just a bit, closing the distance between them as her spell grows in power and intensity.

Ravel can't resist the smirk that creeps across his face despite the lack of air and the increasing pressure behind his eyes as there doesn't seem to be enough blood reaching his brain, and he attempts to speak, a soundless murmur, "A proper pet?" She releases him, but his brow starts to furrow against the onslaught of the spell, squeezing his hands into fists to try and keep his mind and body working.

The spell cuts off rather suddenly and Callisto studies him with a considering gaze. "You think you would make a good pet for me then?" She smirks her sharp nails lightly brushing his cheek, grazing skin but not scraping or cutting it. She leans in further her lips inches from his. "You want to be my pet Ravel?" It’s whispered softly and her ice blue eyes stay locked with his trying to hold him there without use of magic.

Ravel wavers a bit as he's set free, eyes trying to stay focused, but manages not to collapse or reach out to steady himself. Yet. He rasps out softly, trying not to shake his head lest it make things worse, "I would make a terrible pet, love. I'd pee on the carpet at the dinner party." He cocks an eyebrow at Callisto as he squints blearily at her, still looking a bit foggy, "What do you need more pets for anyways? You have quite the collection."

There is a soft laugh that escapes Callisto's lips. "Minions are not pets darling." That hand shifts and fingertips brush against his chin gently, a featherlight touch that glides down his neck. "I bet I could make a good boy out of you. But if you just want to be like all the others…that’s fine." She turns her head away, drops her hand and moves to get out of bed. She slides out from under the covers and moves to get dressed, clad in only a white shift at the moment. "You should leave while you can still walk…unless you wish to change your mind about being my pet?" She smiles at him oh so sweetly the mischief in her eyes causing them to sparkle slightly.

The combination of the spell’s effects and the inevitable rise of hormones at the touch and the view takes it's toll on Ravel, his brow furrowing as his mind attempts to be clever through the soup in his brain, "You…" He tries to give Callisto her space as she moves to get out of bed, taking a careful, wobbly step back. "No fair, I'm not sure I'm going to stay standing let alone be able to walk."

Callisto moves over to the chest near her bed she bends down and pulls a strip of dark red cloth from the chest along with her clothes. "You can stay, but you must agree to be my pet or I will have to blindfold you." She smiles sweetly at him and moves to close the chest. The clothes are set on the bed along with the strip of red atop the neat stack of clothes. "Make your choice Ravel. Do you want the chance to be more than a minion or not?" Her eyes lock with his once more waiting rather calmly to see how he will react. She has the power here and she knows it.

Ravel eyes the red strip of cloth, and a crooked grin creeps across his face, bringing a bit of color back to it, "You drive a hard bargain. The blindfold is tempting, but being blindfolded around you would be both dangerous and a tragedy." He tries to take a little bow, but stumbles forward instead, catching himself on the bed frame, before mumbling something unintelligible and flopping down onto the vacated bed beside the pile of clothing.

Callisto smiles sweetly, taking up the strip of red cloth and ducking forward to give him a view down the front of her shift before sneaking her hands up and blindfolding him anyways, pulling it tight and knotting it, “If you remove that blindfold, I will take much more from you than just that little bit of life I’ve leached so far.”

Ravel nods, chuckling weakly, bringing a shaky hand up to tug at one edge a little before feeling across the fabric. "I'm not usually one for giving over, but it certainly brings it's own buzz to the party." His hands keep moving, patting himself down as if to make sure nothing has gone missing, even in the few brief moments of vulnerability so far.

Callisto runs a touch down his cheek to his neck, it plays over his shirt toying with it before she withdraws. Sitting down on the bed she pulls off her shift and puts on her uniform tunic. Meanwhile her foot brushes his thigh lightly and then she is pulling on her pants. As she puts on her boots she leans in her breath right in his face as though she might kiss him. A bit more of the drain life spell is applied to keep him woozy as she reaches to pull his shirt over his head. "There. See. That wasn't so bad…and now you get your repayment." She presses a featherlight kiss to his cheek and then removes the spell as she runs off with his shirt, leaving him shirtless and blindfolded on her bed. She pauses at the doorway turning and smirking wickedly at him the shirt held casually in her right hand.

Ravels fingers practically twitch at the teasing, but he manages to keep his hands still through each touch. As her face comes up in front of his, he leans in, unwittingly aiding her as she reaches in to pull his shirt up and over his shoulders in his daze. His protests are barely even half hearted, "Hey that's /my/ shir-" and are muffled as the cloth is pulled across his face. As he hears her footsteps fade out across the room, he reaches up to pull the blind fold away, blinking at the sudden light of the room. Spotting Callisto over by the entrance with his shirt, his brow furrows, "Oi! I haven't taken anything of yours… Yet…" Pushing himself up from the bed, he tucks the blind fold into a pocket and staggers towards the doorway, only making it about three steps before the floor seems to rise up to meet him and the world grows dim. With a groan, he flops his arms out.

There is a giggle of delight as Ravel hits the ground. Callisto steps forward and uses the shirt as a makeshift rope to tie his arms behind his back. The blindfold is pulled out of his pocket and used to gag him. Then he is shifted and sat in the doorway in full view of anyone who may pass the room or come in. Taking out the red gloss she paints her lips with she writes the letters 'Thief' on his chest and then proceeds to leave him there as she goes about her day, leaving the other girls that stay there to deal with him as they see fit. Maybe next time he will be more agreeable to her demands.

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