Smokey Sings Metal
Summary: Ol'Smokey DOW works on some ingots for a bit before he heads off for a drink.
Date: 5/27/2016
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Crafting Hall

It's well into the early morning as Donovan strolls into the still crafting hall. The latish hour makes the man stop a second and check around. "Whuahs appinen 'eres noobuttey 'ere." and then with a right laugh of glee he siddles his way up to the large main forge and begins to whisper softly to the stone and clay.

After a little coaxing from her slumber, the forge begins to burn hot once more and Donovan sets to work counting and preparing his tools for a day's work. He finds tongs, crucibles, moulds, and buckets of ore from the night's workers. A long time is spent examining the stones and Donovan sorts them by quality and composition. Light ores into one crate, heavy ores into another, and those in the middle into a crucible.

<FS3> Donovan rolls Metallurgy: Good Success.

Donovan sets the crucible on the edge and inspects the rocks one last time before he's satisfied with their evenness. Into the forge they go and the burly man begins to pump the bellows with his leg. Up then down the mighty leather diaphram moves, breathing a dragon's breath into the coals and rendering the metals from the earth. Donovan begins to chant in time to his pumping, "Ohhh, ayhma woarken mawn hoo ne'er woarkt ah maawn befowr. Boot ayh woarkt mai way till dawn afowr ayh add tuh woark dan awn duh fowrn bai Miss Mawree's way…"

<FS3> Donovan rolls Smelting: Good Success.

"'as ayh woarkt tuh fowrn afowr tuh dawn o'dey. Miss Mawree did ah'frum er ooce alaight mee way…" Donovan's singing cuts for a moment as he whips up a steel rod and starts to remove slag from the top of the crucible, dropping it into another crucible set just in from the edge of the forge. A few more times he works the slag from the top of the liquifying metal before setting the steel rod back down. "'ere uz ayh? Oh!" One-eye sparkling with glee, "Miss Mawree add ben see'en mee woark mai way till dawn ahn wahnted to wish me luhk befowr she whenta way."

<FS3> Donovan rolls Smelting: Good Success.

"'az she was beleaven, ayh did awskt 'er tuh stay." Donovan grins, "oo ayh luv dis pawrt." he switches legs and picks up his song again, "She told me ayh whur tuh giver ah good reason tuh stay, soh ayh took er up and gaver un inah mosta pleasant way." there's a short deep chuckle as he thrusts with his hips a bit and grins to himself. "When tuh deep be dun she named duh one an' saihd." his voice growing really deep with the last word before laughing loudly and pulling the crucible from the forge, pouring the liquid into a mould, and watching it set just right.

With his song and his billets finished, Donovan takes out a cigar and bites off the end before lighting it with the heat of the coals. A few puffs and he starts towards the tavern, "Ayh needa drink afowr ayh stoart again."

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