Daniel Day-Lewis as Sevrin
Full Name: Sevrin Milliner
Nickname: Knuckles (not to his face, he hates it)
Age: 20
Hometown: Barrowstone
Faction: Evil
Position: Skillful
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: Single Height: 6'2
Father: Severus Milliner (Deceased) Weight: 140
Mother: Mary Milliner (Deceased) Hair Color: Dark brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Sevrin's mother died during childbirth, and his alcoholic father blamed him for it. He was left an orphan at the age of eight, and because of a scarcely spared rod, he was a little combative. This softened slightly and he ended up forming a gang. Smooth sailing right? Nope. Rival gang leader took his right eye and his gang. So the teenager left for Knothole glade where he obtained a glass eye. But he wasn't accustomed to honest work and left to join a local bandit camp, where he stayed until learning where the man that took his eye was. Long story short he beat his rival to death with his bare hands, encountered a hero by coincidence, fought out back-to-back crane style, and ended up in the guild. He's been there for three years now, and is one of the best boxers around.



Standing at six-two with broad shoulders, this man casts an impressive silhouette. Adorning his head
is a mess of curly brown hair that falls to the tops of his shoulders, and is perfectly complimented
by an authoritative mustache. His eyes are green and capable of everything from apathy to civility,
well his eye rather. A nasty scar bisects his right eyebrow and continues down, replacing the eye is
a glass orb with a painted on likeness of the real one. He doesn't appear too much more muscled than
your average person, but his frame is adorned with scars and callouses, telling of work and strife
in his past.

A bright wool hood trimmed in soft blue connects to a chest length cowl with dagged edges. The long
tunic is belted at the waist with a brown leather belt buckled with the guild symbol and adorned
with a small beltpouch. Light brown trousers are tied at the waist, with the top folding over to mid
thigh nd trimmed in soft blue as well. The cuffs tuck into point toed brown leather calf boots that
are cuffed and stamped with the guild symbol.


Bare Knuckle Boxer, False Right Eye, Theatric.

On The Grid

Known Associates
Lingo.png Lingo: Handy-dandy sparring partner. No better way to learn than by doing, and he's learned a lot.
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