Robert Sheehan as Ronan
Full Name: Ronan Mnadelev
Nickname: none
Age: 18
Hometown: Knothole Glade
Faction: Neutral
Position: Skillful
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 5'10"
Father: Roth Weight: 175lbs
Mother: Tyvil Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Hazel & Green
Children: None


Born in Knothole Glade to two hunters, Ronan was sent to study at the guild when it was discovered that he had unique abilities. His will energy manifested as a bolt of force that struck down a raging wild boar while he was playing in the forest.
At the guild he quickly took to lessons concerned with archery, guile, stealth, and combat. He reveled in training with bow and blade alike. He also took up learning to fletch his own arrow, craft his own bows, and work hides to leather and leather into various things. He's far from ready to graduate and his will powers need work, he's learned a couple of spells but isn't really good at any of them.



Standing 5'10" this young man starts with golden brown hair that's pulled back into a neatly cutoff ponytail. A narrow face is mainly centered around a thin pointed nose evenly set beside by one hazel eye and one green eye. Thin lips curve along a clean cut jawline and hard cornered cheeks.
From neck down this young man is built for speed and dexterity. Smooth taught muscles are defined by appropriate bunching in all the right places. Slender shoulders, flat chest and abs, no obvious markings or tattoos, and legs built like an olympic parkourist. A wide deep hood with blue trimming connects to a cowl with cuffed edges. A long belted tunic rests over folded over trousers that tuck into straight point toed boots. Aside from the blue trim and brown corded belt, the garment is a natural grey-tan wool/cotton blend.


Bowyer Fletcher Leatherworker

On The Grid

Known Associates
Tuthala.png Tuthala: She wants me, but she's having that same issue where she's trying to hide it, losing, and angry with herself for it. She'll succumb at some point and I suppose I can give in.
Fiora.png Fiora: She not only wants me, she's head over heels for me. She just needs to work on accepting it and then we can take long 'hunting' trips in the forest together, for a while. Greener pastures after milking season is done, you know.
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