Recruit VS Adept
Summary: Yates and Lingo spar, surprisingly he doesn't get his ass kicked.
Date: 5/14/2016
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Practice Yard
As part of the training facilities of the Heroes Guild, this sprawling outdoor practice area was built to help young apprentices work on their martial and weaponry skills. The main arena is ringed with a chest height stone wall that surrounds the sand of the yard itself where students may spar. A large oak tree stands opposite the walkway from the ring surrounded by practice dummies. Leading south the path heads over the bridge to the Statue Garden. To the east is the Will training Island, the West meanders to the Archery Yard, and to the North is the gate to the Guild Woods.

The sun is getting low, and most recruits are already at the tavern or even back to the dormitories. The sounds of combat are still ringing out over the yard though as Lingo makes her way around, collecting practice weapons. She looks a little bruised up, but still walks upright despite a stiffness in her gait.

<FS3> Yates rolls Assassin Rush: Good Success.

Yates is heading in from the island, so are a good handful of other recruits who are leaving Jarek's lesson. He appears to be reading over a scroll of some sort, at least until he notices Lingo is still here. A grin creeps across his features, and he flickers for a moment before he's suddenly in front of the adept. "You look rough." he informs her of the obvious, "Must have been a productive day."

Lingo yelps a bit as the pair of practice swords she's holding whip up in defense, but her posture settles back down as she recognizes the face visible between the crossed wooden blades. Her brow comes up a bit and a grin starts to twitch up the side of her face as she pressses one of the swords into Yates' hands, "Productive… Well put. Let's see how productive your feeling then, hmm?" She backs off a few paces, arms lowered as she shuffles her boots back through the sand and makes a quick glance around to make sure there's a good clear area around them.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Yates=weaponry Vs Lingo=weaponry
< Yates: Success Lingo: Failure
< Net Result: Yates wins - Marginal Victory

Yates bows with a flourish of his sword, "Your wish is my command." With that he's heading towards Lingo, bringing his blade down in a slash aimed at the adept's shoulder, only to pull away at the last second and change the course so the blade is headed towards her ribs.

<FS3> Lingo rolls Physical Shield: Success.

Lingo scoots back a step as Yates' sword finds her ribs, hissing out a breath as she tries to focus enough to get a physical shield up. As the shield flickers into place around her, she backs off another step to try and find an opening in her opponent's stance.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Yates=weaponry Vs Lingo=weaponry
< Yates: Good Success Lingo: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Yates doesn't seem intent on letting Lingo get her bearings, probably because that'd be bad news for him. Instead he pushes the issues, advancing towards her and bringing his blade down in an
aggressive slash.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lingo=weaponry Vs Yates=weaponry
< Lingo: Great Success Yates: Good Success
< Net Result: Lingo wins - Marginal Victory

Lingo is quick to bring up her sword in defense of the slash, using Yates' momentum to guide his
swing down and past her before bringing her blade back up and around to swing at his shoulder,
making a glancing contact as she barks out a short laugh.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Yates=weaponry Vs Lingo=physical Shield
< Yates: Failure Lingo: Good Success
< Net Result: Lingo wins - Solid Victory

Yates staggers slightly, turning around and blindly slashing at Lingo before quickly bringing his
blade up to defend.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lingo=multi Strike Vs Yates=weaponry
< Lingo: Good Success Yates: Failure
< Net Result: Lingo wins - Solid Victory

Lingo is smiling now, stiffness forgotten as she keeps her eyes forward, her blade coming up and
across Yates shoulder once more, then down across his other one. "Keep your eyes up!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Yates=weaponry Vs Lingo=physical Shield
< Yates: Good Success Lingo: Success
< Net Result: Yates wins - Marginal Victory

Yates lets out a sharp hiss, stepping forward and bringing his blade sharply down on Lingo's
shoulder. "You're a little bit faster than most bandits." he says, bringing his sword back up to
defend himself.

Lingo laughs even as her face crinkles in a wince, pulling back as her shield flickers away and
putting a hand up as she settles the end of her blade into the sand, "I may be quick, but you took down my shields fast enough!" She waves towards the tavern, "Food time, then get some rest so we can do this again tomorrow!"

"Alright, I'll see you later." Yates says, offering a tired salute.

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