Ravel Macurran
Full Name: Ravel Macurran
Nickname: None. Yet. Unless you count 'Thief'.
Age: 20
Hometown: Fisher Creek
Faction: Neutral
Position: Skillfull
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 5' 7"
Father: Dale Macurran Weight: 125 lb
Mother: Maggie Macurran Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Marlin, older brother Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Unbeknownst to most at the guild, Ravel was raised by his older brother in the small village of Fisher Creek on stories of Heroes and their exploits, including the story of how a hero had once saved his parents. When fishing failed as their means of survival, Ravel’s older brother Marlin led them towards Bowerstone, with promises of gold and food. Just days into the journey, fighting broke out when Marlin discovered his younger brother’s ability to slow time in order to get what he wanted. Marlin won out, shoving Ravel off a high embankment, and left him to suffer a broken leg as he fled to ‘find a healer’.

Days later, it finally hit young Ravel that his brother was never coming back. Dragging himself to the main road, he hitched a ride to Bowerstone, but Marlin was nowhere to be found. The city’s slums welcomed Ravel into manhood in the only way they knew how; teaching him how to survive through a quick mind and quicker fingers. The turn in fate that led him to the guild happened early one morning when the cries of outrage in a nearby tavern drew the eyes of a Hero. Ravel came bursting out the door at lightning speed, giggling like a madman. The Hero went to step after the lad as he noticed the distinct sensation of time distortion. The young man had used will power to slow time, whether he realized it or not. With a curse and a burst of speed of his own, the Hero tore off after the lad. A few fierce but quiet words later, and Ravel was bound for the Hero’s Guild, arriving just before balverine attacks sealed off the gates to the world outside.



At five feet and seven inches, this young man looks skinnier than he should. His mussed up hair is a shade of dark amber, a few inches long on top and shorter down the sides and around the back. Forest green eyes and a narrow nose that seems to have been broken more than once are the most prominent features across his pale face.


Adrenaline Junkie, Omniflirt, Poker Face

On The Grid

Known Associates
Callisto.png Callisto: I am a fool for no one. Unless that someone has beautiful platinum hair, and the ability to make me swoon whenever she enters the room- No wait, that was from the life she was draining from me…
Sevrin.png Sevrin: Thinks he's tough. I found out the hard way that he doesn't like being called Knuckles. Most of the damage was healed easily enough.
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