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May 2016

Berserker Blonde VS Snarky Thief - Logen and Fiora meet suddenly on the stairs amidst all the stares, they don't see eye to eye.

Drinking, Dinnertime, and Discussions of Fathers - Callisto talks to Yates at dinner. His father is mentioned as is Black Shroud. Apparently being evil isn't always popular.

Introductions and Pulled Punches - Yates and Tuthala size each other up.

Check Point - Lingo starts the process of tracking the recruits at mealtimes, and the rumors of the woods are brought up.

Recruit VS Adept - Yates and Lingo spar, surprisingly he doesn't get his ass kicked.

Balverines at the Gates - A quiet evening ends with balverines overrunning the entry hall. The carnage leads to the official sealing of the guild's entrance.

Morning and Memories - The entrance to the guild has been sealed after the balverine attack, and the survivors catch up with the aftermath.

Catching up in the Yard - Lingo and Yates find that sometimes the best place to catch up is over a pair of practice swords.

Mismatched Hunters - The guild needs supplies, and sends out an unlikely pair to get them.

Getting Dirty - Daily routine brings Lingo and Sevrin back to the 'boxing ring' to blow off some steam.

Archery is Boring - The sneakthief, the brawler, and the berserker ditch archery practice for a good old fashioned fistfight.

Evil in Training - Callisto meets Sevrin and they agree to a training exchange.

Smoke and Metal - Gabe meets Donovan and they chat a little about steel shortages.

Lunch, Lines, and Skirts - Running a little late for lunch, Lingo, Gabe and Lyle opt to wait out the line for food. Ranting ensues.

Fox in the Hen House - Ravel surveys the Entrance Hall, meets Callisto, and finds that some of his fellow recruits know how to bite back.

The Blindfold Part One - Callisto catches Ravel shifting through peoples' goods in one of the girls' alcoves, and decides to try and break in a new toy.

The Blindfold Part Two - Callisto finds Ravel right where she left him, and negotiations continue.

Glass Eyes and Broken Noses - Ravel tests Sevrin's patience, and tries to get away with the impossible.

Learning the Hard Way - Lyle graciously helps heal Ravel, only to find out from Sevrin that maybe Ravel deserved what he got.

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