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May 2016

6/4 Usually one should take any rumor spread by Callisto’s girls as missing a grain or two of truth, but this tidbit seems to have come from the source. Many of the girls claim to have seen Callisto pinning the new recruit Ravel to the doorway of the Entrance Hall, leaving him weak in the knees by the time she stepped away. It seems that this flame was short lived though, as just that afternoon Ravel was supposedly found by those same girls; trussed up, passed out in the entry to one of the ladies’ sleeping alcoves with Callisto’s signature red lipstick spelling out ‘Thief’ across his bare chest. The rumors seem to be remarkably short on details regarding what happened after they found the hapless lad…

6/3 The recruit Logen, male heartthrob for a number of young recruits, has been reported missing in action upon the return of his two other teammates from their supply run into the Guild Woods. As the leader of their mission it is indeterminate as to what exactly happened but official statement from the desk of the Bullwark is that he became separated from his team during their investigation into mysterious sightings within the trees. At the conclusion of their search his teammates reported him missing, their search having been called off earlier than normal due to bandit sightings and orders from ranking adepts.

"All recruits are now to remain within the guild's walls until such time that we have deemed it safe to restore normal activities. These are dangerous times we live in, I do not want to be writing a letter about any more of you. Stay stafe, listen to the adeptus." — Sir Mikkal 'Bullwark' Graystone, Presiding Hero, Heroes' Guild.

6/2 A quiet uneasy hush has fallen about the guild as it's been discovered that two more young recruits have gone missing. Their beds cold, their faces almost unnoticed to have stopped being around. A mutual friend of their's recently released from quarantine for having been sick started to ask about the two missing boys. When it was realized they haven't been seen in over a week, the worst has started to become feared.

Presiding Hero Mikkal Graystone has issued for all students to begin checking in with Adepts during all meal breaks. Anyone who fails to check in will receive heavy punishments on par with inappropriate violence between students. As well, expeditions into the guild woods have been put on hold without proper adept guidance.

Be it known that during the night, the voices of lost friends have been reportedly heard near the guild woods entrance. It is said that the souls of those gone missing have ventured into the realms of the night, never to find their way back, though they hold a lantern seeking the path home. Flicker lights and ghastly sounds seem to uphold this campfire tale.

6/1 Can it be? Could a whole host of others just witnessed the very public breakup of what can only be presumed the secret love between Logen and Fiora? Eye witness accounts claim in exasperated tones that it's impossible. But they saw Logen fall into Fiora face first before kissing her. She then punched him before he ducked away from her and proclaimed them over. Her rage seemed to spark from that and she tried to attack him further, likely trying to fight for her man. Accounts go many directions, but the main one is… the two of them are headed to Presiding Hero Mikkal Graystone's office sometime within the week.

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