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May 2016

  • Hunting Trip

Date/Time: Thu May 19 2016 @ 7pm PST, continued on May 20th
Contact: Avo

With the Guild being sealed off, we're in desperate need of supplies until Hero Mikkal can safely open a supply line with Bowerstone or some other outpost. As a result he's offered an increase in gold reward for hunting parties.

Ronan's team left three days ago but only the head of the team returned, badly hurt and rambling about ghosts in the trees. As a result teams have been dispatched to search the forest for the rest of the recruits, as well as try to bring any supplies that can be found back with them.

Logen's team has been tasked with supply retrieval, they're headed towards the orchards to the northwest of the forest. Pack light but be ready for a two to three day trip as well as bring extra storage bags for all the fruits, nuts, berries, and herbs we can gather.

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