Staff Notes
Staff Note 1 — +Rolls

Staff would like to clarify some new rules regarding using +rolls for combat, sparring, crafting, and general gameplay. The first and foremost new rule is that you may only +roll once per pose, before your pose. No matter how many other actions you take during your pose, only one +roll is allowed. Opposed rolls count as one roll for the person rolling, do not have one person do all the opposed rolls. If you plan to more than one action in a pose, consider your actions carefully. If you're actually attacking your opponent you must make the opposed roll. Combat spells count as an opposed roll against your opponent's speed ability. The only exception to this rule is: +roll Willpower checks when spells like Physical Shield and Turncoat call for an immediate check and Toughness checks when you take physical damage.

Next, Physical Shield is not an opposing skill. You do not make opposed roll checks against Physical Shield as it's not armor, it's a spell of damage reduction. If you're hit during combat you must make a +roll Willpower check. Success means that your shield holds, failure means that your shield falls. If your shield falls, then you may take damage during your next turn. Watch for failures in your shield as it could cost you a turn to recharge the shield.

When you take damage, meaning your opponent scores a victory against you, you must +roll Toughness to see if you remain standing. Any success means you stay on your feet, failure means you're too beat to continue and embarrassing failure means you're out cold.

For crafting purposes, you may craft projects as you'd like. However the game's +craft <crafting skill> code will tell you how many successes it'll take to complete the project. There are certain crafts, like fletching, that only take 1 success to complete. See the skills description page for more information on crafting. However, the better your success the faster you'll complete a project.

Staff Note 2 — +Combat

So far we haven't been using the +combat system because gear and spell options were limited. Not all spells have been coded into the +combat system and those spells that are missing can be added if it's a big difference to gameplay. With the eventual migration to the NightAngel Engine (NAE), staff decided it best to just leave the system as it is and use the opposed roll command mixed with some adhoc guidelines.

That said, we're going to start using the +combat system until NAE is complete. Please read the help files for +combat and get yourself used to how it works. Currently the Guild Woods room automatically adds you to the ongoing +combat that is there. This functionality will remain until further updates. If you go into the woods for RP, staff requires that you use a TP room for any situations that don't involve use of the +combat system.

A final point, if an NPC doesn't exist that should exist. Please +request that it be created for you, do not use the +NPC command without express permission from staff.

Staff Note 3 — NightAngel Engine Details

I have discussed with all of you about the potential for migrating to the NightAngel Engine (NAE) which I am currently writing for MUSH. This new system will include a lot of changes and will require that I basically reset the game to a point prior to FS3 being installed.
Because of this, I will be holding off on the migration until the entire system is complete and fully tested. I will also hold out on migrating until after the current metaplot has been completed. I would like to release The Bowerstone-Greatwood Pack along with NAE. Until then, here's a little taste of some of the big changes in store:

Full code support for phone/tablet play which includes simplified keyboard commands for all mush commands. Posing, semiposing, @channels, +commands, etc.
Dynamic Simplified Open Skill Code (DSOC), 20 basic skills that you define that evolve as you progress in skill rank and power.
Realistic Evironments and Modular Spaces (REMS), an expansive world with atmosphere all contained in just a few simple rooms. Get lost exploring together.
Quick Combat in Localized Open Cells (Q-CLOC), a MUD-lite combat system that uses preset combat forms you design so that you can watch your character fighting. It's like designing your own combat cutscenes that happen seamlessly as you move through RP.

There are some other concepts being worked on and we'll update this thread as they start to take shape, but for now the above are my primary focus. I hope you all stick around to see the big changes. — Avo (NightAngel21)

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