Game Policies

The following policies are set to keep this game fun for all players. However, staff reserve the right to alter; update; or levy; new policies on players as situations arise that may require them to do so.

  • FableMUSH is a Rated R MUSH. Players MUST be 18 years of age or older in order to play here.
  • Harassment of other players in any form is strictly prohibited and violators may be sitebanned after a second reported incident.
  • Cheating and/or the intentional exploit of a bug in the coded systems of this game is prohibited and first offenses will result in a permanent sitebann.
  • A sense of fairplay should be an important point for all players and for staff. That said the concept of ICA = ICC will be enforced for the vast majority of situations. +news ICA=ICC

These policies are not exhaustive and staff would prefer to handle situations on a case by case basis. If you have any questions please feel free to contact staff through +mail, +request, or via page and we'll be happy to help.

Game Specific Rules

FableMUSH would like to keep its rules fairly simple and straight forward. Please be aware that staff reserve the right to change rules as needed to adjust game play. Staff hopes any such changes will be for the enjoyment of the game rather than restricting it.

This said, the main rules of the game are:

  • To check +news Updates about what features the game currently has and what is planned.
  • To keep OOC information separate from IC information.
  • To reduce metagaming to a minimum.
  • To keep it friendly on the channels and to keep unwarranted conversations, such as those involving vulgarity or profanity, to the ADULT channel.
  • To observe another's right to Fade a scene to Black, however ICC incurred will still carry through the Fade Out. If you do not enjoy particular types of RP, please state that ooc before you begin.
  • To respect all other players' right to play the game. There will be no harrasment, or exclusions of other players by anyone. Staff /will/ be watching for this and warnings will be issued to offenders.

The follow are guidelines more than rules, but they fit into the category as staff may ask players to adhere to them more or less strictly depending on the case. These may be visited by staff but appropriate notices will be posted if changes are made.

  • PC Death only occurs under special conditions. RP that involves a PC's death must be applied for with +request if that death is the result of an assassination, suicide, or uncharacteristic violence. If it's permanent, staff should know about it, if it's just for RP effect… staff should know about it.
  • Anyone may PvP at any time without ooc warning, however, logs must be posted to the wiki within 24 hours or staff has the right to call retconn should either party file complaint. Even if there are logs, please keep in mind that staff takes ooc abuse seriously and will be watching.
  • Future features of the game will require that skills being used ICly during RP must also include +rolls. Please get into a habit of using the FS3 system because of this.

If you have questions or need clarifications, or wish to suggest revisions, additions, or deletions to these rules and the first set of rules… please kindly submit such in a +request.


In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences

In all scenes characters will make choices and others will react to those choices. Players should strive to roleplay (RP) their character as true to that character as possible at all times. There may come a time when one or more characters may become offended by something your character does or says.
Always remember the above concept of In-Character Actions equalling In-Character Consequences. What this truly means is: If you do/say something IC anything that occurs because of it must be accepted as the IC Consequence of those IC actions. However, ICA = ICC is not viewed by staff to be a strict hard and fast rule. There may come a time when a situation requires the typically four-letter word Retcon.
Staff will always make an objective decision on a case by case basis to determine if the ICC and the ICA must be upheld by all players. For information on situations and the policy on retcon please refer to +news Retcon.

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