Morning and Memories
Summary: The entrance to the guild has been sealed after the balverine attack, and the survivors catch up with the aftermath.
Date: May 14, 2016
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Entrance Hall
This large opening hall is framed by two winding staircases going up to a balcony and hallway beyond. Those in the balcony could easily hear those down below. In the center of the room is a dominating magical map of all Albion with cards displaying jobs for heroes to take. To the north through the main arch and staying straight is the Heroes' Guild Tavern Room, entering to the right will lead to the Quartermaster's and to the left will lead to the Library.
May 14, 1553

<FS3> Yates rolls Assassin Rush: Good Success.

It's the morning after the balverine attack, and while the bodies have been cleaned up and the blood attended to, the entrance hall has definitely seen better days. As has Yates, who's currently staring down at the sealed off door from the balcony. He's managed to replace his shredded uniform, but not everything that was shredded went back to normal, the scars that now run down the side of his face and bisect his lip are testament to that. He flickers slightly and is then down near the doors, squatting over where he was knocked by the monster he was fighting. "What happened last night.."

Eyes catching on the flicker of movement caused by Yates' dash down the stairs, Tuthala jumps a bit as she makes her way towards the stairs. The little jolt of adrenaline fades quickly, but leaves her heart hammering. As the blur comes to a stop by the doors, she catches Yates' words, and pulls to a complete stop, one scarred arm on the raining. She calls over to him, her voice sounding worn, even for this time of morning, "We survived, that's what happened."

"I don't remember anything after it knocked me across the room." Yates admits to Tuthala, not looking up towards her. "I guess I lost consciousness. Got more training to do until I can stand my ground against those monsters." He finally pushes to his feet, looking over at the woman.

Tuthala stares blankly at Yates for a moment, letting her hand fall from the railing, "But, you…" Her brow furrows, and she lets out a small breath as she makes her way over to stand in front of him, "You throttled that /thing/ to death," She murmurs, eyes locked on his as her face tightens as if she's in pain. "Even after it…" Her words trail off, and she waves a hand towards Yates' stomach, "All the blood, we thought you'd been gutted."

Yates furrows his brows even more at that news. "What?" he shakes his head slightly, "I don't remember that at all. I thought it just knocked me out and did that after." His gaze moves from Tuthala to his hands, "I guess I lost my cool again."

Tuthala's gaze is drawn to the sealed up entryway, growing distant as she breaths, "Well, under the circumstances… All those bodies…" She stares at the floor there as if the fallen were still laying there. Shaking her head slowly as her arms come up to fold across her chest, she murmurs, "All that, and we lived."

Yates nods, reaching over to pat Tuthala's shoulder. "You did good, fighting like that isn't ever easy. Especially against those things. I guess I shouldn't have told you to try and avoid killing, because it's necessary sometimes." He motions towards where the dead were, "It's why I'm here, you know. I want to be able to stop things like this from happening. I don't want a child to lose their parents, friends, or family to monsters. Human or otherwise."

Tuthala flinches at the hand on her recently bitten shoulder, eyes refocusing and catching on Yates' calm gaze. “I…” Her voice catches, and she shakes her head, brow crinkling inwards, “I should have stayed at home. With my family.” Her eyes move to the sealed door once more, staring at it like it’s the bars of some cage, before turning back towards the staircase.

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