Mismatched Hunters
Summary: The guild needs supplies, and sends out an unlikely pair to get them.
Date: May 20 2016
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Guild Woods

The guild woods are actually a box canyon forested by oak trees and interspersed with birch, apple, lemon, and orange trees. Animals thrive in this area with many varieties to choose from, boar, deer, rabbit, elk, and bear being the most common. The main entrance from the guild are the gates that were initially erected to keep the woods separated from the guild, but eventually became a way to keep people from entering this oasis of nature so that the guild might oversee hunting and foraging operations within.

The Gates themselves are the main area most have become familiar with. Old kingdom ruins run through with a small stream and a pond to one side separating a stone platform from the little trail. At the back of the trail are the gates that lead deeper into the forest towards the mountains beyond.

May 20 1553

Early morning light is drifting through branches, sparkling off the bit of dew that is slowly whisping off in the heat of the day. An adept calls out sternly from behind the pair of recruits pressing on ahead, "You can stray of the trail but try to stay in sight. We're here on a supply run, not a field trip." Tuthala eyes her taller teammate warily between trying to keep an eye on her footing, bow and quiver slung over her shoulders as she steps carefully through the undergrowth. "I don't think that will be a problem," she mumbles under her breath.

Fiora is dressed in her standard armor of chainmail and leather. A steel long sword hangs from her belt and her fingers flex as she walks, as if she is itches to draw it. She carries no bow and Tuthala's bow is given a look of disdain. The shorter woman herself is measured with a blank gaze as the berserker blonde stomps by. Her steps are not light, she doesn't really believe in sneaking. All worthy game should be given a fair chance to hear her coming after all. She examines the ground wandering off the path to look for tracks. Tuthala is given scarce more than a glance and a slight growl at her comment.

Tuthala tries to refrain from rolling her eyes at the growl, but can't quite manage it as she tries to keep up with the warriors pace to no avail. The undergrowth seems to like catching at her legs and feet as she picks her way through. Tuthala eyes the boughs above thoughtfully. "I wonder how much faster travel by treetops would be?"

<FS3> Fiora rolls Hunting: Good Success.

Undergrowth stands no chance against Fiora's best stomping boots. The warrior stalks along a ways and pauses to examine something that looks like tracks. She crouches down and when she overhears Tuthala's comment she turns her head and raises a brow. "There is no game in the treetops sneakthief. Climbing trees is cowardly." She eyes the bow the other carries again in disdain and then goes back to examining the tracks. Standing back up she starts off in the direction it looks like the animal was going. Stomping through the underbrush with a determined stride. Deer beware!

Tuthala wrinkles her nose and tries to keep up with shorter, hurried steps, "With all these bushes, it's a wonder anyone can find anything out here." As Fiora plows onwards, Tuthala hisses, "Where are you going anyways? There's just more trees out this way."

Fiora turns a heated glare onto Tuthala. "I am hunting. That much should be obvious. Did you not see the tracks?" She glances down looking for the tracks she is following and continues to follow the trail. "Its either a deer or a boar. I hope it’s a boar." Fiora grins. Boars tend to be a fight and this warrior likes a good fight. The trail gets fresher as Fiora follows it and slowly her steps become just a bit more careful, she peers into the woods looking around for her prey.

Tuthala stumbles a little at the mention of the boar, brow furrowing as she involuntarily reaches for her bow, voice quieting down though it goes up in tone, "A boar? Those are like battering rams with tusks!" She peers through the surrounding undergrowth, looking for any sign of movement. "Why not hunt deer? I hear they are less… stabby."

"Indeed. That would almost make up for missing the balverines." Fiora's smile is bright, wicked, and perhaps a bit crazy looking as she speaks about boar and balverines. "The best prey fights back. And balverines are such adorable little fuzzy things!" Yes the berserker is fangirling over a monster. "If we are really lucky maybe there is still one lurking around here somewhere…" She smirks at Tuthala, obviously enjoying getting under the others skin a little bit.

Tuthala pulls to a full stop, the blood draining from her face. She seems locked in place for a moment, both hands tight against her bow as she looks around, "Do you really think there's balverines out here?" Her brow furrows, and she glances up into the boughs above once more. "Do you think they can climb as high as they can jump?"

Fiora shrugs. "I honestly have no idea if those adorably fluffy beasties are still around. You got to fight them then? What was it like?" There is a gleam of excitement in the normally gruff woman’s eyes. She continues following the trail after that, not really waiting on Tuthala to catch up or unfreeze.

Tuthalas gaze grows heated as her brows furrow, her indignation fueling her until she can step forward and follow once more, hands still tight around her bow as if it is keeping her standing. "Fluffy?" she practically squeaks, "One of those blasted things nearly took my arm off! It was horrible, that how it was! There was blood everywhere, and… corpses…" Her voice finally calms, and she falls quiet, eyes drawn back to her footing as she plods along behind Fiora as the taller woman continues tracing the trail of her prey.

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