The World of Heroes

Welcome to the world of Heroes! As a soon-to-be Hero of the realm, there is no better place to start your training than in Albion, the country that plays host to the Hero's Guild. At the guild, you will learn to defend and destroy others, how to use subtle methods to gain what you want or how to force the issue, and of course learn how harness your powers of Will.

The Guild:

The FableMUSH timeline is set about 50 years prior to the major hit games developed by Lionshead studios, so many of the Heroes from the games have yet to show up on the scene. These days, the guild is all a clamor with the disappearance of Maze and their Guildmaster. No one knows when or why they left and not a soul can reach them through their guild seals. As the students continue to study, asking when graduation exams will be held, they turn their attentions to the guild woods. At night, strange lights and sounds emanate from the leafy domain.


The country is in turmoil! With the economy crumbling from a lack of traveling merchants, more and more folk are turning to the nefarious life of banditry. But why, you may ask, are the merchants not traveling? Balvarines! The nasty beasts are said to litter the woods between Bowerstone and Oakvale, rumored to be led by a huge white furred monstrosity, at least according to a survivor of a Barrow Fields massacre.


Please visit the New Player Guide and the new character FAQ for more info on Albion and the Heroes Guild!

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