Game Status - Part one of the Night Angel Engine upgrade is in progress! This means the MUSH has been stripped of it's FS3 structure as the new system is put in place. Please see Staff Notes for more details on the changes that are being implemented.

From the BB

  • 3/7 Guild Lockdown - This brings new restrictions until the source of the danger can be located.

New page updates:

  • Staff Notes - Details on time and scope of the NightAngel Engine update.
  • Rumors - New rumors abound! Recruit gone missing while on resupply mission.

Upcoming game updates:

  • Crafting - New system in development.
  • Combat - NightAngel Engine in development. Use +combat for now.
  • Bowerstone - New locations to explore, new combat to try!
  • Greatwood - TBD
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