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On The Grid

Communication Channels

+Newbie - This channel is dedicated to answering any and all questions regarding the game, be it 'how to get through chargen', or 'What's the game's stance on gunpowder?'. For channels that start with '+' the general syntax is +newbie <message> or even just +n <message> without the <>.

+Public - We tend to treat this channel as ooc chatter and as an informational channel for arranging RP.

Page - If you need to send a message directly to another player who is not in the same room as you, you can page them from afar. The syntax will be p <recipient name>=<message>.

Say - If you are in the same room as someone, you can use say <Message.>. This will come out formatted like this: Skorm says, "Message."

OOC - If you are in the same room as someone, perhaps RP'ing, and you need to convey something other than RP text, you can use ooc <Message.>. This will come out formatted like this: Skorm says, "Message."

RP commands

Pose, Semipose, : and ; - The pose and semipose (abbreviated to : and ; respectively) commands allow you to perform actions. Pose shows your name, a space, and then <action>; semipose omits the space, and therefore is useful when using the possessive form, such as Skorm's coffee. The syntax for that would be ;'s coffee. For a regular pose, the syntax of :drinks coffee. would result in this: Skorm drinks coffee.

@emit - This sends a <message> to everyone in your location. You can also shorten this to \ with no space afterwards. Nothing is added to the message, not even your name. To message There's a coffee mug here. the syntax would be @emit There's a coffee mug here. or the abbreviated version \There's a coffee mug here.

+IC - This command brings your character to the IC grid so you can start RP'ing. The first time it is used it will bring you to the default location, but after using +OOC it will take you back into the room you were in before you left, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

+OOC - This command brings your character to the Out of Character Lounge where you can take a break from RP, socialize, set up RP, or just await other players. Typing +IC takes you back to where you left off before you left the IC grid.

+AFK - This command brings you from the IC grid to the Idle Lounge, which is a great way to take a break when you need to be away from your computer for awhile. To jump back in to RP, type +RP.

+RPsearch - This command will toggle your character on and off of the RP search list, which highlights the IC indicator in the +who list to show that you are actively looking to RP.

+Cookie <player> - Cookies are a way of rewarding players for fun RP. If you enjoyed a scene, give the other player(s) a cookie! Cookies are tallied weekly, and those with the most cookies are recognized on the public BBS. You can give out as many cookies as you want per week, but only one to each character. Cookies also grant 'luck points' (see +help +luck). You can also use +cookie/here to give cookies to all players in the room.

+MEETME - This command will invite someone for RP. They will have the option of coming to your location or bringing you to them. They can, of course, decline the invitation entirely. You must both be IC for this to work, and it won't let either of you leave the inside of another object.

+meetme <player> - Invites a player to meet you for RP.
+mjoin - Joins a player who has invited you to RP.
+msummon - Summons a player to you if they have invited you to RP.
+mdecline - Declines a RP invitation.


When working on your character concept, ask your self what sort of hero you're looking to play. Despite the Guild's skill requirements to graduate, there is a vast amount of options for what sort of hero you'd like to be. Check out our New Player Guide for details on character creation.

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