Viggo Jonasson as Lyle Morlov
Full Name: Lyle Morlov
Nickname: None
Age: 19
Hometown: Northridge
Faction: Good
Position: Willuser
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 5'7"
Father: Lucien Morlov, Nathan Morlov Weight: 132 lbs
Mother: Unknown Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Unknown Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Lyle doesn't know who his mother was. He had two fathers growing up, albeit one wore a dress. Adopted when he was just a baby Lyle grew up loved and showered in affection however untraditional his family might have been considered. They lived in a large town a good ways north of Bowerstone. The Morlov family other than Lyle himself consisted of Lucien and Nathan, his parents. The two men worked as merchants. They sold high class jewlery and clothing and were rather reknown for being extremely talented crafters. They passed on this talent and enthusiasm to thier son.

Lyle took after Lucien most and was often confused as a girl growing up. The boy took great pride in his hair, the long curly locks were kept in perfect condition with the encouragement of his fathers. Another oddity about Lyle was that he strongly prefered dresses to pants. He hated pants they made him feel awkward and ugly. He studied womens fashion avidly and started learning to sew even before he was sent to the Guild. The reason for joining the guild was a simple one, Lyle has a natural gift for will energy. His main talent was in healing and light or fire based magics. A Hero was passing through the village when a he saw group of children clustered around a small hurt boy. The boy had a nasty cut on his leg from jumping off a high stack of crates nearby. Lyle managed to heal the cut with will energy which is what was drawing the other children to watch. The Hero who discovered him thought he would make a decent addition to the Guild. The Hero in question had a hard time convincing the young man to join, partly because he was so attached to his family and partly because he would have to spent at least five years wearing pants.

It was finally the promise of excitement, adventure and doing lasting good for Albion that convinced Lyle. He left for the guild and has been there for eight years now. Eight years of wearing pants and he still hates it. He makes small acessories for his uniform so he can stand out and be a bit more fashionable, it also helps him hone his tailoring skills. His hair remains perfect and several of the girls tend to flock to him for advice on hair care and to talk fashion. Lyle has learned some of all three disciplines of strength, skill, and will since he has been at the guild but he still prefers his magic. He is ready for graduation, or so he thinks. Mostly he wants to burn those pants and find a properly fashionable skirt to wear.



A young man who looks to be in his late teens or perhaps very early twenties. He stands at five foot seven inches in height with a slender and extremely lithe build. His frame is toned and sculpted but not heavily muscled. Hair of a rich dark brown is kept long and reaches down to his shoulders. The dark locks are thick, soft, and naturally curly. Currently his hair is left neatly brushed, styled and falls down to cover his small ears. His skin his smooth and pale, a light ivory in color and flawless. Thin and neatly trimmed dark brows sit over large eyes of a deep dark green color. Those eyes are framed by thick curly lashes. He has an oval shaped face with high cheekbones, a long straight nose and full pouty lips. His neck is long and slender, with an almost swanlike appearance as it leads downward to that lithe agile body.

He wears the traditional uniform of the Hero's Guild. The uniform attire is kept pristinely clean and fits him well. He also tends to wear a number of hand crafted fashionable ornaments on his person, namely a flowing scarf that is made to match his uniform and a number of colorful bracelets made from woven cloth that also match the uniform and add a splash of color to an otherwise drab outfit. The specific acessories he wears come and go, often changing with the season and his moods.


Cheerful, Fashion Fanatic, Perfect Hair

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