Lunch, Lines, and Skirts
Summary: Running a little late for lunch, Lingo, Gabe and Lyle opt to wait out the line for food. Ranting ensues.
Date: May 28 2016
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Hero's Tavern
Lofty wooden rafters and wood paneled walls covered in trophies from Heroes new and old give this room a homey feeling that draws patrons back for night after night of food, drink, and revelry. The large space, packed with tables near the center and booths along the edges leading up to the bar, is almost never empty. The late night crowd gives way to morning prep work and cleaning, until the cycle can begin anew. To the southeast, the Heroes Guild main entrance hall provides easy access to the tavern itself. To the north, there lies a passageway through the kitchens that leads out to the archery yard.
May 29, 1553

With the midday sun through the tavern's windows comes a pile of recruits through the main door. Lingo is among them, making her way to her usual table by the door and plopping down to prop her feet up on the chair beside her with a relieved sigh. Tucking her arms behind her head she glances around at the collection of recruits, mentally counting heads and taking names before reaching over to a cubby hole beside the table and pulling out a well worn parchment to start marking things down.

There's time enough to get settled before Gabe finally filters in, lagging a ways behind the larger group. Not unusual — he probably stayed late to a lesson to ask a few extra questions. He tucks his gloves into his belt on his way in, craning his neck to try and see past the masses and towards whatever's being served for lunch. Hm. Better wait out the initial rush.

Lingo waves Gabe down as he lingers near the door with a chuckle. "Not too keen on diving into the line head first? Well, I'm one to talk. I usually try and get here before the lot of you arrive." She motions for Gabe to snag a seat at her table before holding up the sheet she's been tallying on. "I think you lot have been multiplying, even with the gates sealed." She glances back at the sound of more arrivals and waves down Lyle as he steps in.

"Not so hungry that I can't wait for them to go first," Gabe muses, quick to make his way over and slide into one of the seats at Lingo's table. Don't have to tell him twice. "It's odd, isn't it? It does seem livelier, even with all that's going on."

Lyle bounces in with a spring to his step humming a soft happy tune. He wanders in and pauses at the line of people, Lingos wave distracts him and then he is bouncing over in that direction. "Hello! How is it going?" The tone he uses is just as cheerful and upbeat as his expression.

Lingo smiles up at Lyle before motioning him to a seat as well. She looks over the both of them, cracking a grin, "Nothing like fighting for your life to make you feel alive. From what I've heard, it seems that the feeling is contagious. Almost makes me wish for another hubbub in the main hall!" She glances around at the younger members in line at the counter and her brow drops a bit, "Almost…" She shakes her head slowly, "Recruits just seem younger and younger with each fresh round."

Gabe doesn't hesitate to scootch over to make some room for Lyle, offering him a quick, friendly grin. "Going well enough that I'm almost afraid to say it out loud. We'll —" He cuts off and snickers at Lingo, gesturing at her. "…you're going to jinx it, you know. The quiet's nice!"

Lyle's eyes widen at the mention of fighting. The little ball of sunshine dims a bit and he shakes his head that perfect hair shifting a bit as he does so. "Fighting for our lives should be entirely optional. I mean not all of us like hitting things for fun. It’s not that I don't enjoy healing my fellow recruits but I don't like them getting hurt in the first place…so it’s a mixed bag of sorts." He smiles brightly to Gabe and settles next to the other male. A delicate finger is pointed Gabe's way and he nods enthusiastically. "I agree with him on this matter. Quiet is nice and results in less bruises, cuts and torn clothes."

Lingo gives Gabe a wry grin, "Silly thing to wish for, I know. The excitement really does make my days more interesting though. Better than taking roll." Lingo looks down at her dark, slightly shabby adept's uniform at Lyle's comment, and then raises an eyebrow at the man, "Not sure how long it's been since I've actually bothered repairing the little tears from daily practice. Guess they'd last longer if I did." She doesn't look to happy about the thought of having to up keep her clothing.

"That, I can understand," Gabe admits, propping his chin up in a hand. "It can get a little monotonous if you let it. Still, I'm with him," he says dryly, nodding towards Lyle. "I like not being stabbed or set on fire. It's exciting, in its own way. Plenty of other ways to keep the day from getting too boring, right?"

Lyle's attention has now been drawn to Lingo's shabby uniform. In comparison to his own perfectly cleaned and maintained uniform it’s a downright mess! His eyes slowly widen in horror as his eyes meet Lingo's He bites his lower lip not sure the two he is with would approve of him going all 'fashion police' on that dreadful uniform. After a moment he just shakes his head. "If you need someone to mend the tears in that I would be happy to lend assistance. Though I would feel better if you just got a new one and came to me right away when you got a tear. Because…that looks…worse than the pants they make us wear here." He shudders dramatically. "And I never thought I would see something I wanted to burn more than pants…"

Lingo grins wickedly at Gabe, "Yup, I can think of at least one way. Blindfolded boxing. Saw a few of the visiting heroes going at it out in the yard once, back when I was still working the kitchens." Her head swivels towards Lyle at the mention of the dreaded pants conversation, "If you repair my uniform, will it come back with embroidery on it again?"

Gabe starts to open his mouth, then pauses a moment to mull it over. Reluctantly, he admits, "…I suppose, technically, blindfolded boxing involves neither being stabbed nor set on fire. So it qualifies. Ish." He shrugs, then gives Lyle a curious look. "What's wrong with the pants on the uniform, though? They're comfortable enough."

"Blindfolded boxing? I swear warriors can come up with no end of creative ways to fight each other…" Lyle shakes his head in exasperation and looks to Lingo with wide innocent looking eyes. "Um…only if you want embroidery? And there is nothing wrong with embroidery if it’s tastefully done and the person doing it know what they are doing! It adds style." Here he nods for emphasis and then his head swivels to Gabe so fast he almost gives himself whiplash. "What is wrong with…oh dear. You have been brainwashed by followers of Skorm haven't you? The God of Darkness and Pants is a god of lies, and ugly deceptions. Pants are EVIL! They are ugly nasty things that restrict movement and don't flow properly! Fabric should FLOW, like water through a stream, graceful and elegant like a properly fashionable skirt! Skirts not only make you look prettier but also make it easier to move about! Pants are practical too yet butt ugly, devised by followers of Skorm to make people feel ugly so they turn to the darkness! That is why everyone should wear skirts, because goodness and light can only thrive when people are PROPERLY FASHIONABLE!!!" You can almost see the stars in Lyle's eyes as he makes his impassioned speech. Somehow he went from sitting and talking calmly to standing and preaching about skirts vs pants in a matter of seconds…

Lingo nods along with the familiar rant, eyes already drifting back to her tallies. With the finally, she glances up, as if waking from a daze, then nods over at Gabe, "You're turn to get drinks, after that." She chuckles and points towards the much shortened line, "And food." She tucks her papers away as the last few stragglers make it through the door.

The speed with which Lyle turns his attention to him makes Gabe startle in his seat, but to be fair, it /does/ very effectively get him to actually listen. Even if he does look mildly baffled by the concept. He's quiet for a long moment, letting Lingo break the silence, and he simply nods and rises to his feet. "That's fair. Be right back," he promises, starting for the line — though he does grin at Lyle. "Have to admit, I don't think I have the legs for a skirt."

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