Chris Battaglia as Logen Masterson
Full Name: Logen Masterson
Nickname: Goldenboy
Age: 21
Hometown: Bowerstone
Faction: Evil
Position: Skillful
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 5'11"
Father: Timaeus Masterson III Weight: 195lbs
Mother: Minerva Masterson nee Odule Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Open for APP Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Born in North Bowerstone to extremely wealthy parents, Logen Masterson was given the golden spoon sort of life. He was tutored privately by a Guild Adept in history, literature, and mathematics. However, these tutoring sessions did not go as well as hoped. At only seven he was some how able to squirm free of his tutor's watch and slip mostly unseen out of the nursury. Logen's constant mischeif led to a rather lengthy discussion with the Guildmaster and it was decided possibly preferential that he be sent to the guild for a more serious tutilage.

As Logen grew up within the guild it became rather well known that the boy had a thing for taking things. His kleptomania seemed to blossom out of no where and caused plenty of issues with the Quartermaster. Despite his purpose at the guild being one of academic focus, the boy seemed to take readily to an overlooked innate ability to perform seemingly inhuman feats of speed and agility. It was Maze who figured out Logen had will powers. The unassuming low energy nature of Logen caused his powers to appear less as magic and more as raw natural talent.

Discovery of his powers gave way to training him in those powers, Logen grew within the guild as a brilliant con-artist, incredible sneak, and above all one of the guild's leading playboys. Female recruits seemed to fall all over themselves when he was brought up, a fan club growing in secret about him. His 'cool' and 'laid back' nature along with his 'goldenboy' looks worked to melt hearts and make skirts flutter. Despite this attention, Logen has not once been called into the Guildmaster's office for inappropriate conduct. Nor has he been known to fraternize with any one particular recruit.

In recent news, Logen has grown restless. The lack of progression towards graduation, coupled with the guild's lockdown, has made the thief turn more inward. He's begun to steal things from other recruits, from the quartermaster, from offices and classrooms, everywhere. It's questioned what he's doing with the things and where he's hiding them, but following him has turned up nothing so far.

The night before last, he was seen disappearing near the far end of the lake. He hadn't returned until noted to be asleep in his bunk several hours later.



Dark brown hair short and spiked starts the top of this angular head and face. Cool green eyes sit evenly apart and shadowed by medium thick brows. A pointed round nose flows into normal sized light pink lips, and his cut jawline is clean shaven.
A slender build flows down from thick broad shoulders and is filled out with deep cut definition in his muscles. His proportional shoulder/chest to waist/hip sizing accentuates runner's legs and evens out his 5 foot and 11 inch height.

A bright wool hood trimmed in soft blue connects to a chest length cowl with dagged edges. The long tunic is belted at the waist with a braided brown leather belt buckled with the guild symbol and adorned with a small beltpouch. Light brown trousers are tied at the waist, with the top folding over to mid thigh and trimmed in soft blue as well. The cuffs tuck into point toed brown leather calf boots that are cuffed and stamped with the guild's symbol.


Klepto, Leatherworker, Lapidary, Left-handed

On The Grid

Known Associates
Fiora.png Fiora: Big, burly, slow, and in the right light… sorta sexy. I'd kill her in an instant.
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