Luke Guldan as Jarek Steyner-Dhavion
Full Name: Jarek Steyner-Dhavion
Nickname: Sparkles
Age: 18
Hometown: Oakvale
Faction: Good
Position: Willuser
Rank: Adept
Spouse: None Height: 6'4"
Father: Dead Weight: 205lbs
Mother: Dead Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: One Blue, One Gray
Children: None


Born under unusual circumstances, Jarek was obviously blessed with a strong concentration of Willpower. At a young age he was able to cause strange things to happen around the house, so his parents contacted the guild to ask for help. After Maze tested the young boy he took him under his tutelage. It was at Jarek's tenth birthday when he actually defeated Maze in a dual of Will and the powerful teacher stormed out on the boy in a rage. Jarek was left to wonder what had happened and floundered within the guild otherwise. His powers were incredible but his other disciplines were gravely lacking. He technically washed out of the guild at eleven, his final year spent in total silence and an unwillingness to work at anything.

After he was sent away from the Guild, Jarek lived in solitude in an old shack near Greatwood lake. As his twelth birthday neared, the emaciated youth was slowly growing weaker and weaker from hunger. Ten days past his birthday, Jarek breathed his final breath and died for twelve minutes.

When Jarek awoke, a strange figure hovered over him cloaked in gold maille and royal blue robes. The man identified himself as Scythe and explained the use of a long lost artifact of the old Kingdom, resurrection vials. The boy tried to speak, but found he could not. As panic began to rise, Scythe spoke to him again but this time urged Jarek to speak with his willpower. From that point on, Jarek absorbed all he could from the ancient being and his knowledge and power grew. Will markings began to etch into his skin, the faint blue glowing lines arching along in some flowing undecipherable script. At fourteen and almost two years of training, Scythe brought the teen back to the guild and got him readmitted.

It has been four years since and Jarek's training in the other disciplines are still no where near what they need to be, but his mastery of the will has afforded him one thing. He's graduated Hero school, despite being confined there to study melee and ranged combat.



Will bleached hair falls lightly around an angular head and frames an angular face. One eye is still bright electric blue while the other has been touched by the Will and bleached to a sparkling gray. All across his face are the faint glowing blue lines of will energy tracing along the skin like mysterious tattoos. His body is solid and extremely defined, flowing from neck to foot in lean compacted muscle. His hands constantly glow with a pale blue light roughly as bright as a candle.


Graduated, Will-Adept, Will-Marked

On The Grid

Known Associates
Lingo.png Lingo: She's another adept, like myself, but her understanding of her will powers is very limited. I help her practice when she has the time, but her progress is slow. She's too… hot headed, to rambunctious. She'll learn in time.
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