Glass Eyes and Broken Noses
Summary: Ravel tests Sevrin's patience, and tries to get away with the impossible.
Date: May 31 2016
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Entrance Hall
This large opening hall is framed by two winding staircases going up to a balcony and hallway beyond. Those in the balcony could easily hear those down below. In the center of the room is a dominating magical map of all Albion with cards displaying jobs for heroes to take. To the north through the main arch and staying straight is the Heroes' Guild Tavern Room, entering to the right will lead to the Quartermaster's and to the left will lead to the Library.
May 31, 1553

Morning light is just starting to creep into the hall, but training in the yard has already started for the day, leaving the place mostly deserted. Ravel practically skips down the stairs, but when he sees Sevrin come in from the Quartermaster's store, his face lights up and he pauses, leaning on the railing to call out to him with a grin, "Hey, Knuckles! I hear you lost your eye? Did someone try to borrow it to play marbles?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=accuracy Vs Ravel=speed
< Sevrin: Good Success Ravel: Good Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Marginal Victory

Instead of an immediate verbal response, the apple Sevrin was about to bite into is instead flung directly at Ravel's face in a manner an impressive manner, considering the man only has one eye to work with. "How about you stroll down 'ere and I'll introduce me knuckles ta yer Hampstead Heath." Apparently the giant man has only recently awoken, and hasn't had time to slip out of his local accent and into the more proper one he uses throughout the day.

<FS3> Ravel rolls Slow Time: Good Success.

The speed of unexpected ranged missile catches Ravel off guard, and he merely has time to flinch back as the half eaten thing smacks against the side of his head. It bounces back down the stairs, leaving Ravel to wipe the juices off his face with a sleeve before turning back towards Sevrin with a raised eyebrow and a wrinkling of his nose, "Maybe you'd better let breakfast settle first before you go bashing heads in for the day." Ravel takes a few more steps down the stairs despite his words, head cocked to the side as he looks Sevrin over, "Hmm, that glass eye could probably be put to better use than just as a marble. Maybe as a suncatcher up in the dormitory?" Ravel's eyes go unfocused for just a moment before he takes the last step to the ground floor. Time slows to a crawl around him, and he cracks a grin at Sevrin as he takes a few quick paces towards him, reaching up to poke at the glass eye until it pops free and falls into his waiting hands before he steps around and rushes for the door as time starts speeding up once more.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=speed Vs Ravel=speed
< Sevrin: Good Success Ravel: Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Marginal Victory

Sevrin blinks a few times once time is back to normal, then he whips around to look after Ravel. "Oi! Get back 'ere with 'at!" then he's sprinting off after the shorter man, and damn does he run fast when he's angry.

Ravel secrets the eye into a pocket as he runs, cackling madly before Sevrin's hand snags his tunic and pulls him back. Ravel struggles a bit, trying to wrench himself free before cocking an eyebrow up at Sevrin, trying to look as innocent as possible in the grip of the larger man, "C'mon, I just want to put it up in the window for a while! It will be beautiful!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=unarmed Vs Ravel=unarmed
< Sevrin: Good Success Ravel: Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Solid Victory

At first it looks like Sevrin might let it slide, his other hand coming up to firmly hold onto the front of Ravel's tunic. Instead he gets in close opening his eyes wide, "Does it look like that was a good idea?" Probably not when you're staring into a fleshly hole where an eye should be. Then his head is reared back, and the very top is dropped onto the smaller man's nose.

<FS3> Ravel rolls Toughness: Good Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ravel=unarmed Vs Sevrin=unarmed
< Ravel: Good Success Sevrin: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Ravel tries to lean back to avoid the blow but the grip on his tunic holds firm, and the crunch that follows brings a yelp. Lashing out a fist towards Sevrin's gut he only manages to graze it as he tries to keep his feet with Sevrin still looming over him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=unarmed Vs Ravel=unarmed
< Sevrin: Good Success Ravel: Good Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Marginal Victory

Sevrin draws back and slams his fist firmly into Ravel's gut. "I know we didn't get off to a good start, but this is what happens when ya think it's a good idea to get out here and run your mouth and then steal my fucking EYE out my FACE. Now you can give it back, or I'll start breaking things. And I don't think either of us want that."

<FS3> Ravel rolls Toughness: Success.

<FS3> Ravel rolls Drain Life: Success.

Ravel doesn't manage a snappy reply as he wheezes for breath, instead he slumps in Sevrin's grip and uses the adrenaline to try to focus past the pain, slowly starting to leech life from his captor as he let's himself collapse his full weight into Sevrin's grip.

<FS3> Sevrin rolls Drain Life: Success.

Sevrin apparently had the same idea, holding Ravel up and leaching off of him, effectively canceling out the man's plan to collect himself. "I don't think you heard me." he gives the man a rough shake, "Give me back my eye, and you can go on about your business."

<FS3> Ravel rolls Slow Time: Success.

Cracking one eye open, Ravel eyes Sevrin with a glint that could be mistaken for madness, "How about a trade?" he manages to croak. Focusing inward as his eye slides closed once more, he pushes himself up far enough to wriggle out of the tunic in Sevrin's grasp as the taller man grows still along with the rest of the room. Holding one arm to his bruised up gut, he slips the other into the outer pocket of the tunic to snag the eye before rushing towards the exit to the Quartermaster's store to gain some space. As time eases back to normal, he holds up the eye, "My tunic for your shirt. Not about to hand something over for nothing."

<FS3> Sevrin rolls Battle Charge: Failure.

Sevrin growls low in his throat, turning to face Ravel once more. He begins stalking towards him, and then flickers with nothing happening. This causes him to growl once more, hands tightening into fists. "I'm about to make you eat it." he warns in regards to the trade.

Ravel tuts a little despite the blood running down his face from his nose and the hand still clasped to his gut. He manages to rasp out, "I'm not about to get in close enough to be enveloped by your warm embrace or feel the 'gentle' kiss of those fists. If you drop the tunic, I'll toss you the eye."

Sevrin lets the tunic hit the ground. "You go back on your word and I can promise I'll do things to you that'll make Skorm cringe."

Ravel gives a little mock-gasp and lets his eyes go wide, "You wouldn't! Chop me up in little pieces and feed me to the wolves?" He holds up the glass eye in front of his own for a moment, "I'll just have to sleep with one eye open. Too bad you can't do that." He tosses the eye towards Sevrin, and eyes the tunic on the ground as if considering it's worth.

Sevrin catches the eye and polishes it off, only to slip it into his pocket and head off without anything but and entirely unpleasant two-fingered salute offered to Ravel.

Ravel waits a good long time after Sevrin leaves to shuffle over and snag his tunic, mimicking Sevrin's gruff voice quietly as he winces, "Does it look like that was a good idea?" He chuckles a little to himself before slipping the tunic on and stepping carefully out towards the practice fields for the day, rubbing his sleeve at the blood that is starting to cake across his face, "Yeah, not a good idea, ya ugly mug… I'll just have to 'borrow' something a little less obvious next time. And stay farther away."

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