Joshua Sasse as Gabriel Sharp
Full Name: Gabriel Sharp
Nickname: Gabe
Age: 18
Hometown: Bowerstone
Faction: Good
Position: Warrior
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 6'1"
Father: Martin Sharp Weight: 155
Mother: Gwen Sharp Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Although the Sharps are an old family, capable of proudly tracing their line into antiquity, they've never really seemed to make much of themselves. Sharps have always toiled away in obscurity.

It was no different for Gabriel's immediate family. Gabe grew up in a ramshackle little house on the edge of the Bowerstone Market, held together by his father's stubborn streak and his mother's ability with a blacksmith's hammer. Despite their lack of coin, it was a loving family, and they taught their only child that as much as the world wanted him to believe that money mattered, what was truly important was doing right by people.

While this was a good idea in theory, it also led Gabe into conflict with the OTHER kids in his neighborhood, who were raised to be more opportunistic. Sometimes the conflict was even physical, with Gabe stepping in to protect smaller kids (and even the occasional adult) from the bullies practicing for an eventual life of crime.

It was one of the only moments of good fortune in the family's living memory: after stepping in to defend another child from a group of bullies, a previously unknown connection to the Will manifested as Gabe healed the boy's wounds - and it was actually SEEN by a passing member of the Guild. It did not take much to convince Gabe's family to enroll their teenage son for training, seeing it as the first opportunity at a good life given to anyone in their line in who-knows-how-long. Why learn to be an armorsmith like his mother when he could be a Hero instead?

He's been a devoted student of the Guild, dedicating himself to his studies and to bettering himself, ever since. Instead of slaving away over an anvil, Gabriel threw himself into his studies, taking the rather rough combat skills he learned on the streets and honing them into more practical skills with the help of the Guild's warriors. While he has not shirked the opportunity (or, in his mind, the obligation) to train with the more skill- or will-oriented members of the Guild, it's really with the warriors that he's found his niche, and Gabe is at his happiest when he has a sword in his hands.

Even though his skills with a sword have grown by leaps and bounds in the years he's been studying, he's also found a gift for talking things out and serving as a mediator. His willingness to give everybody a fair shake and hear them out has led some of the Guild's instructors to slip more than a few books on diplomacy onto Gabriel's desk, and to their delight, he's taken to those studies with the same dedication that he has the sword.



This young man stands a hair over six feet tall and is clearly no stranger to exercise, with broad shoulders and the beginnings of an impressive physique. His skin is lightly tanned from time spent outdoors, with bright, expressive blue eyes and a strong nose. His hair is cropped short and is a pretty unremarkable shade of brown, matched by a very well-maintained, short beard. Whatever his jawline actually looks like underneath, it's quite strong with the beard there to help.

He's clad in the uniform of a Hero's Guild recruit.


Confident, Heart of Gold, Humble Origins, Long Memory, Optimistic

On The Grid

Known Associates
Donovan.png Donovan: His accent's as thick as he is tall, but he seems like a good guy… and I can't say I disagree with him when he says I need a new sword. Man ain't wrong.
Tuthala.png Tuthala: She may be wee, but she's got a bright head on her shoulders and more than enough skill to make up for it. Should be a great sparring partner — we've a lot to learn from each other.
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