Fox in the Hen House
Summary: Ravel surveys the Entrance Hall, meets Callisto, and finds that some of his fellow recruits know how to bite back.
Date: May 30, 2016
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Entrance Hall
This large opening hall is framed by two winding staircases going up to a balcony and hallway beyond. Those in the balcony could easily hear those down below. In the center of the room is a dominating magical map of all Albion with cards displaying jobs for heroes to take. To the north through the main arch and staying straight is the Heroes' Guild Tavern Room, entering to the right will lead to the Quartermaster's and to the left will lead to the Library.
May 20, 1553

Evening light makes it's way through open doors as crowds of tired recruits are dispersing out beyond the hall, heading for a hot meal. Ravel peers through the crowd curiously, looking over people's gear and garments, stepping aside at the foot of the stairs to get a better look at those moving past. A blonde woman reaching the bottom of the stairs catches his eye, and his lips twitch up into a grin at the sight of the gaggle of girls that flocks around her. Stepping forward and into the crowd of girls, he puts his hands to his cheeks in mock awe as their chatter ceases at his presence, "No way! Did someone really give that guy Sevrin his eye back?"

Callisto is walking calmly in the center of that group of girls. Her expression is one of perfect calm as she listens to the gossip flowing around her. The group makes their way down the stairs and the girls around Callisto eye the young man who intrudes on their gossip session with a mixture of curiosity and wariness. The blonde who leads them remains perfectly composed, ice blue eyes looking the red haired boy over thoughtfully. His words draw the faintest of smile from the blonde and she nods. "Apparently so. I believe from my friends description it was Tuthala that gave his eye back." Her eyes lock with his own green orbs and her smile brightens. It’s a sweet and charming smile that makes most everyone around take notice of her, and it’s focused on him completely. "I don't believe we have met. Won't you share your name with us?" The girls around her nod in agreement and fix the young man with many sets of curious eyes. Callisto remains composed, letting just enough curiosity leak into her expression to convey interest.

Ravel grins at Callisto, giving a slight curtsy in the presence of all the ladies, and tilts his head slightly as he straightens up, "Name's Ravel, m'dear." He waves a few fingers around to indicate the group, "These ones all yours?"

Callisto raises a brow at Ravel, her eyes glittering slightly with a an unreadable expression. "Mine? Why would you say that? Do I look like the sort to go around claiming people as my own Ravel?" Her tone is soft, a subtle sweetness present there as her smile fades away into a look that could also be describes as hurt or faintly offended. There is no real hints that she is actually amused with his antics, the glitter in her eyes could very well be mistaken as a look of offense or hurt, rather than her true feelings of amusement. The girls around her watch the exchange between them, the mood among them overall is one of obvious amusement.

Ravel nods, turning on the puppy dog eyes as he drops the grin, "Like a wolf with a pack." He glances around, tucking his arms behind him and swaying back and forth, "The question is can they be begged, bought, or borrowed?" He peers at the girl closest to Callisto, "Dunno, they look pretty well trained." He glances up at Callisto, cracking a grin once more, "You must feed them well, to entice such loyalty."

"You compare me to a wolf? But then surely you are aware that wolves don't take kindly to people messing with their pack and invading their territory." Callisto's ice blue eyes sweep slowly over him and then lock with his own eyes. There is a challenge there and his words about borrowing her followers draws a soft musical laugh from the blonde. "If you want to beg, buy, borrow anything of mine you go through me Ravel. If I hear anything about you trying to tempt my 'friends' here then I will be most displeased. And surely you wouldn't want to upset me…would you?" The smile he gets is oh so sweet but there is danger lurking there as well. The girls around her grin at that and a few of them start whispering, likely taking bets on how long Ravel will survive their leaders attentions.

Ravel keeps his eyes locked on Callisto's and makes a proper bow this time, sweeping one hand out to the side, "You are far too beautiful to upset, love. I promise if I lay a hand on any of your girls, you will never hear of it. What do they call you, then?"

Callisto laughs softly once again, that laugh is a gentle and almost mirthful sound. Callisto's eyes stay locked with his and her smile turns a touch more gentle. "Such sweet flattery. Though…surely such a handsome young man doesn't think I am so easily impressed. If you lay a hand on my girls they will tell me and I will deal with you accordingly." That sweet smile returns and she offers a graceful curtsey in return for his bow. The action looks natural but is calculated so it also has the potential to draw his eyes to the large breasts that are already highlighted subtly by her uniform as she shifts and then straightens back up. "I am called Callisto. A pleasure to meet you."

<FS3> Ravel rolls Slow Time: Good Success.

Grin twisting up on one side of his face, Ravel's eyes go unfocused as if looking through Callisto, but only for a moment. He takes a impossibly quick step forward, leaning in to whisper in her hear, "A pleasure." He plants what would be a slow gentle kiss against her neck, nothing more than a brief brush against her skin to her own senses, before stepping past her and rushing off towards the open doors to the yard before he pauses once more, leaning up against the door frame as the movements of the room start running in real time once more. "Nothing like going straight to the top of the food chain," he calls out.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Drain Life: Good Success.

Callisto narrows her eyes as things start to slow down, once they have gone back to normal her eyes snap to Ravel who is suddenly a distance away leaning against the door frame. She begins to move again heading slowly towards where he is propped leaving her confused followers behind with a subtle hand signal that they know means to leave her be for a moment. She approaches, her eyes locked on Ravel, and there is a sudden gleam in those blue eyes as she focuses on his life force and begins to slowly drain it as she draws nearer to him. The feeling is like a soft touch of Will, one that slowly yet obviously saps his energy. Callisto saunters up to him as she continues the spell, letting it grow stronger the closer she gets. Pausing next to him she leans in, lips brushing his neck lightly, not touching but he can feel her warm sweet breath ghosting over his neck. The spell is leeching the life from him quite quickly now. "Next time, you will ask permission before you get that close." Then she ends the spell and moves away, walking off with a subtle teasing sway of her hips.

Ravel wobbles, dangerously close to losing his balance as he tries to push away from the door frame to lean into her as she draws close enough to share her heat, the subtle wooziness leaving him slightly ill in the stomach as she walks away, but his eyes follow Callisto across the hall nonetheless. He looks truly awed for a moment, shaking his head slightly, whether in disbelief or to shake out the cobwebs in his head is unclear, seemingly oblivious to the smirks of the gaggle of girls that closes around her once more. Reaching out a hand to steady himself against the door frame, he mutters to himself, "I could get used to that…"

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