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Update still happening, or has the real world thrown a wrench in things?

Re: Update In Progress by Michael BarnardMichael Barnard, 20 Jul 2016 00:19

Hello! Yesterday, we stripped the old FS3 framework off the MUSH to make way for NAE. The grid is still open for RP, but things may look a bit strange until the new system is fully implemented. Here's a note from Avo as we push forward:

Avo's Note: The job of a staffer is never done and the needs of the players will always be #1. As headwiz for this game I took the time to ask those players what they felt they needed to enjoy this game more. After that discussion I have endeavored to create an entirely new game experience that will better fit what my players are looking for. That said, the game has been reset back to it's raw state and there is no soft code available. This will change in the coming weeks as we migrate from Faraday's FS3 to the NightAngel Engine. Feel free to come and play just pardon our dust while construction on the new softcode takes place.

Update In Progress by SkormDarknessSkormDarkness, 07 Jun 2016 20:44

Have an idea for an event that you'd like to run? Go for it! You can use the forum here or speak to people in game to find out when would be the best time for you and your participants to start the event. Then, you can schedule your own event in game with +events, and post it to the event page here on the wiki to get the word out. If you need to cancel, postpone, or reschedule an event, update your posts to let the participants know.

Planning an event by SkormDarknessSkormDarkness, 07 Jun 2016 20:02
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