Katheryn Winnick as Fiora Rinaldi
Full Name: Fiora Rinaldi
Nickname: Fi
Age: 18
Hometown: Bowerstone
Faction: Neutral
Position: Warrior
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 5'6"
Father: Garret Rinaldi Weight: 160 lbs
Mother: Mari Rinaldi Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Siblings: Four Older Siblings Eye Color: Grey
Children: None


The Rinaldi family was and still is a fairly well off middle class family living in Bowerstone. The head of the family Garret Rinaldi was a blacksmith. His wife Mari worked at home trying in vain to keep five children in order. The youngest, Fiora was often the most troublesome. As a young child Fiora was almost always up to something. When she was not befriending stray animals she was terrorizing local children. Fiora loved her brothers and her father and mother, anyone else was subject to harsh judgement from the child and if they showed even a hint of weakness she showed them no respect.

By the time she was twelve Fiora was feared by pretty much all the children in her neighborhood. Despite her parents trying to temper her she had a belief that she should be allowed to step on the weak and defenseless to get what she wanted. She had a loyalty to what she deemed her people though and she was also much kinder to animals. One day when a young boy killed a baby sparrow that she was trying to save Fiora lost control. She beat him till he was unconcious in what could only be descried as berserker rage. A few days later she was packing up to go to the Hero's Guild for training.

The Heros guilds teachings caused her to flourish. Fiora had always been told to 'be good' and to 'do what was right' these teachers taught her there was no one path to greatness, that one could achieve it with no regard to what was 'right and good' she loved the idea of this and threw herself into her studies.

Her father had taught her a bit of blacksmithing as he did all his children, here she learned a bit more as well as how to wield weapons both melee and ranged as well as will powers. Surprisingly or perhaps not surpringing at all she had a talent for combining will with physical prowess and melee fighting. She learned to augment her sword technique with will and excelled at it. However she lacked the patience to use a bow or stealth, still she had considerable talent in deceieving others with guile so she was not totally without skill.

The years passed and Fiora turned nineteen, the time for her graduation drew nearer and then the Guildmaster and Maze went missing. Fiora is getting impaitent and is starting to throw herself into her studies in hopes of getting the long awaited chance to graduate and be a Hero.



The woman before you is of above average height, her frame lean and muscled yet also blessed with curves. Fair skin is smooth, healthy and unmarred by scars or time. Golden blonde hair is a mess of loose curls half pulled up and braided at the top of her head. A few braids adorn the rest of the golden locks that hang down her back as well. Thin black ribbons have been twisted into those braids and that thick hair reaches her upper back at its longest. Thin brows of that pale golden blonde arch over large eyes that are a dark grey in color. Those grey eyes are framed by thick golden lashes. A ring of black liner surrounds those eyes making them stand out even more. Her face is oval in shape with high cheekbones and a gently sloping jaw. The style of her hair keeps it out of her face and reveals a pair of small ears. A long nose with a slight point to it reaches down between her eyes. It stops just above a pair of full nautrally pink lips. A long slender neck leads down to that muscled and curvy figured body.

She is neither petite nor delicate looking. Her body is muscle that is tempered in places with the softness of a womans body. Her breasts are large and her hips wide but her stomach is flat and her legs and arms strong and muscled. She wears the traditional clothing of an Apprentice of the Heros Guild. The outfit fits her rather snugly, clinging to her form just a bit more than is the norm but otherwise its rather unremarkable as far as outfits go.


Animal Lover, Armorsmith, Hot Headed, Weaponsmith

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