Evil in Training
Summary: Callisto meets Sevrin and they agree to a training exchange.
Date: May 26 2016
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Lake Center Island
This small island in the center of the guild's small lake has been converted into a unique area to practice one's Will abilities. The area is ringed by a low wooden fence, and dummies specifically made to withstand such attacks are set up all around. It is connected to the main practice yard via a small footbridge to the west, and a small line of stones leads across the water to a blank wall on the hillside across the lake.
Thu May 26, 1553

<FS3> Callisto rolls Lightning: Failure.

The evening sun is slowly sinking over the guild. The dying light paints the sky red as Callisto stands in front of a training dummy, lightning arcing and crackling between her elegant fingers. That silver blonde hair looks quite striking in the sunset but the blonde isn't trying to to command anyones attention right now, she is focusing on her magic letting it build slowly in an excercise of control that matches her composed expression. Finally those eyes blue eyes seem to glow slightly as the spell is released. The spell fizzles out as soon as she lets it leave her finger tips. There is a soft intake of breath and then her eyes narrow in focus as she tries again. Letting the sparks build up in her fingers once more.

Sevrin appears from by the lantern, wandering out towards the dummies looking surprisingly well rested despite the bruises on his face. It doesn't take long for him to settle his gaze on Callisto, watching the woman try to figure out lightning. "Not quite as easy as it always looks, eh?" he calls over, his neutral expression broken by an easy grin as he wanders over to exam the dummy without stepping into the line of fire, or rather electricity in this case.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Lightning: Good Success.

A blonde brow raises just a touch as those blue eyes study Sevrin. "Its a training excercise, the longer you hold the spell in check the harder it is to cast sucessfully afterwards. Unless you are master of Will that is, then everything tends to explode when you do that." She fires off a quick blast of lightning, the bolt of electric energy arcing from her fingers and into the dummy without issue. Sevrin is given a rather charming smile after that those ice blue eyes regarding him calmly, her expression completely composed.

"I stand corrected." Sevrin says with a fancy flourish and bow at the waist. "Maybe I'm just awful at it." this is said with some humor, eye twinkling in sharp contrast to the dead glass one that neighbors it. "Maybe three more years and I'll be proficient enough to graduate."

Ice blue eyes show a hint of amusement now and Callisto's faint smile mirrors that amusement. "I'm no master at any of it, but Will is what I tend to be best at. I need to improve in weaponry most of all." She considers him a moment. "However lightning isn't my favorite spell." She takes a step towards him smiling ever so sweetly. "My favorite is drain life. Though practicing -that- on dummies is decidedly difficult as you can never tell if its working properly on something that isn't…alive." Her smile remains a look of mischief in her eyes as she comes to stand right in front of him.

"What a coincidence." Sevrin says, grin widening. "One of the few that I'm good at. But I'm better with my fists, and I'd be lying if I said I was no master in that regard. If I was better with a sword they'd probably stick me here to teach other recruits. Thank Skorm that's not the case though." His gaze shifts over the woman appraisingly, "If you're waiting for me to give you permission to use it, you'll be there for a while. Be better to use it on the gaggle of girls that follow you around."

Callisto laughs lightly looking quite amused now. "You don't drain the life of perfectly good minions…until they lose thier use. Besides I may have already found a suitable…person to train that spell with. Why would I use it on you in that case?" She smiles mysteriously her eyes sparkling lightly. She lets her gaze look him over appraisingly in return and tilts her head to the side as she takes a slow step back, putting distance between them again. She turns back to her dummy now and begins to focus on her practice once again.

"You change your mind about replacing people over failures when it happens to you." Sevrin warns the woman, "Lost my gang when I lost my eye. But here I am, hero bound, while the cunt that took my eye is worm food. Guess there's a lesson in there somewhere, take it as you will."

"I never said I would replace them over failure. Failure can make one stronger on occasion but when someones use is completely gone…when they no longer have anything of value to offer you. What then? What would you do?" Callisto studies him carefully her expression faintly curious as she looks his way once more now.

"Take them to the chapel, and dump them for Skorm's favor." Sevrin says simply. "Unless you're one of those self righteous types, in which case just hit them over the head and dump them in the woods." His shoulders rise in a simple shrug, "Also I should probably get around to learning lightning."

There is a delighted little giggle that escapes Callisto now. "I think I like you. I certainly like the way you think." She says with a wicked little smirk. "You want to learn lightning? Help me with my weaponry skills and I will teach you. Do we have a deal?"

"I'm flattered, usually I'm hard to swallow." Sevrin brings his hands together before nodding. "Seems a fair enough trade. I'm sure if I cut out my afternoon nap in the garden I'll have time to train you too."

"You? Hard to swallow? I doubt it." Callisto smiles that sweet smile once more and nods in agreement. "Tomorrow afternoon then. And fear not, if you do happen to fall asleep in the garden I have a whole group of girls that can throw water on you for me. I'll see you tomorrow Sevrin." And then she turns and saunters off back towards the guild looking faintly pleased with herself.

"Have to find it first. Secrets, secrets everywhere." Sevrin calls out, throwing up a wave before wandering off towards the sparring yard.

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