Drinking, Dinnertime and Discussions of Fathers
Summary: Callisto talks to Yates at dinner. His father is mentioned as is Black Shroud. Apparently being evil isn't always popular….
Date: 05-09-2016
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Hero's Tavern
Lofty wooden rafters and wood paneled walls covered in trophies from Heroes new and old give this room a homey feeling that draws patrons back for night after night of food, drink, and revelry. The large space, packed with tables near the center and booths along the edges leading up to the bar, is almost never empty. The late night crowd gives way to morning prep work and cleaning, until the cycle can begin anew. To the southeast, the Heroes Guild main entrance hall provides easy access to the tavern itself. To the north, there lies a passageway through the kitchens that leads out to the archery yard.
Mon May 09, 1553

Its early evening and the dinner rush is in full swing. People crowd the tables of the tavern, recruits and adepts all sitting down to eat and talk among themselves. Seated at a table that's almost dead center of the room is a small crowd of girls with Callisto at their center. The table is not full as a few seats remain unclaimed but those that are all are filled with female recruits. Callisto sits at the center of the table, the seat with the best view of the rest of the room. She is eating, taking delicate graceful bites of the cheese, bread, and fresh fruit in front of her and listening to the girls around her as they gossip and talk. Her posture is rather regal speaking of authority though she has no real power, save the loyalty of the girls around her. The platinum haired woman still manages to draw eyes to her though and from the way she glances about the room she is subtly taking note of each and every one.

Yates isn't one of the people looking at the blonde, instead he's weaving through the crowd with several glasses of mead in his hands. He looks around for a bit before settling on an empty table next to Callisto and her group. He settles in before taking a swig of his honey drink, letting out a tired sigh.

The movement at the nearby table draws Callisto's blue gaze to Yates. There is a subtle look of curiosity there as she studies him tilting her head to the side as she lifts a blueberry and places it between her blood red lips. The berry vanishes and is chewed thoughtfully as Callisto regards the young man and his many glasses of mead. Her own glass has wine but it remains mostly untouched. One of the girls notices where Callisto is looking and remarks. "Surely he isn't going to drink all of those himself?" Callisto merely raises a brow spearing the girl a glance but nothing more. Her voice is light and airy as she addresses Yates instead of her supposed friend. "You must have excellent tolerance…or many problems to drink so much." She continues to study him with idle curiosity.

"Who, me?" Yates asks, looking over towards Callisto. Once he registers that there isn't anybody else she'd be asking that particular question to he waves a dismissive hand. "It's not very strong. My brother puts away more than I do." He reaches up to rub at the back of his neck. "Besides, not much more you can ask for after a long day. Aside from a warm bed and company."

"Yes you. Or is there another handsome blonde boy sitting next to you that I haven't noticed yet?" Callisto cannot help but tease him just a little. There is a small smirk on her lips as he speaks and she seems to be considering him with a faintly amused and almost playful look. "Is that truly all it takes to make you happy? Such simple pleasures you enjoy." She offers him a soft smile and takes another bite of her food chewing thoughtfully.

Yates shrugs slightly, taking another sip from his mead. "Where I come from that's all you can ask for at the end of the day. Bandits, pirates, the occasional Black Shroud, you learn to not place your faith in objects or places." The look that crosses his face at the mention of the infamous hero definitely isn't a positive one, his kind eyes hardening for a moment.

Callisto's pale blonde eyebrows raise and her eyes widen ever so slightly in surprise at the name Black Shroud. A few of the girls turn there heads Yates's way now watching him critically. Callisto watches his expression and the way his eyes harden curiously. Her own expression is rather fascinated, though whther its by Yates himself or the fact that he survived an encounter with Black Shroud is hard to tell. "So you have met Black Shroud then…I can honestly say I'm surprised. I've heard quite a few stories about his exploits." The fact that she heard them directly from the one who did them is unsaid and mostly unknown.

"He killed my father, and he helped burn a few of our homes down. One day I hope I get to question him about it." Yates shares with Callisto. He turns the cup in front of him up, draining it's sweet contents. "He isn't one I plan on emulating."

Callisto tilts her head and regards Yates and though he has just presented her with a puzzle. "You would question him? Wouldn't that be rather…lethal or at least bad for your continued existence? He would likely kill you." She pauses a moment and studying Yates intently. "Why would you seek death? Do you find life unsatisfying somehow?" Callisto looks faintly troubled by something but she is doing her best to conceal it.

"I wouldn't approach until I was strong enough I wouldn't have to fear him. If he wouldn't wish to talk, I would rest just as easily if I took his head." Yates turns his attention from the cup in front of him back to Callisto. "I just hope somebody doesn't beat me to it."

Callisto pushes her plate away. Apparently her appetite is gone now. She rises to her feet, her eyes locked on Yates. Those ice blue orbs are intense and if Yates has seen the eyes under Black Shroud's hood…they might also be familiar. Her tone is calm as she speaks, there is no obvious anger or sorrow, just composure. "You say you don't wish to emulate him but you would kill him for revenge? He would do the same you know. Death follows behind death and who knows? He may have someone who would avenge him as well. And if so when will this cycle of vengeance end?" And with that she moves away, likely intending to take her leave.

"We're all entitled to kill those who kill our father. If he has a child, I'll gladly face them." Yates says, making no move to follow after the woman. And if he recognizes those eyes, he doesn't call her out on it.

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