George Peppard as Donovan Winchester
Full Name: Donovan Orwell Winchester
Nickname: Dow Jones
Age: 21
Hometown: Bowerstone
Faction: Good
Position: Warrior
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 6'7"
Father: Deceased Weight: 295#
Mother: Deceased Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Well, here's how it all started. Donovan was born in Bowerstone to a couple of engineers who were shipped out to the north to build a castle. His early life was spent being cared for by people not his parents, in the shuffling and hustling and bustling, his parents barely noticed until it was too late that their baby was no longer at the build site campgrounds.

Indeed Donovan was haphazardly secreted away to the distant northish east where he grew up. By the age of six he was holding a bow in his hand and learning to shoot moving targets by the age of nine. At twelve he was trained in swords, axes, maces, and how to best use himself in battle. At fifteen he was taken by a knight riding south into the 'heartlands' and it was then he squired a while. He learned to mine for raw ore, smelt it down into ingots, and the knight taught him to tell the differences between qualities. During one of the quests the knight rode on, Donovan got himself into a bit of a pickle. He was trapped by a pixie, cut off from all help, and he had to fight to save himself. As the pixie's blood dripped down into his right eye it warped it. The color slowly changed from blue on white to all red with three black tear drops radiating from the center. He's not said if anything is wrong or if it's given him any special vision, but he typically wears a patch to cover it.
During training with his knight, Donovan adopted the bad habit of 'needing' a smoke. Cigars his poison of choice and to top it off, Blackweed cigars. The acrid smoke that fills the surrounding area is enough to burn the nose hairs of the undead. That said, he's grown so fond of smoking his cigars that he's rarely without one hanging from his mouth… even while fighting. Another bad habit he picked up from the knight? Tattoos, big scary tattoos. Donovan's entire body has become the canvas for tattoo artists and he sports many symbols of war, violence, death, and a plethora of demonic skulls.
Three years a squire swept Donovan to the door step of the guild. His knight challenged a guild hero to a duel, a contest of who the greater man is. In the heat of their battle, the hero was winning, and a bolt of magical energy lept from Donovan's outstretching hand as he cried in haste to cease the hero from winning a perfect victory. This display of power gathered looks from all crowded around.
The knight, stripped of his honorable defeat and withheld from victory, disowned Donovan right then. The hero stepped in and offered to sponsor the young man in the guild, that he could learn so much more while there. Which was true, even though Donovan's skills had rusted from his lack of combat training with the knight, he quickly gained some of them back in the last three years he's been a recruit.
One of the first things he learned while at the guild, was who his parents were. The old engineers had retired within the small city that built up around the castle they'd dedicated their lives to building. He was given leave to travel back to his childhood and for a short time he reconnected with his folks. Their deaths saw him return with three things, an engineer's hammer, an alchemist's box, and tears. When the tears finally subsided and he was able to sleep again, Donovan put himself to the task of learning his family's trade. He's taken up the crossbow and currently works on new designs for the contraption.



Six feet and seven inches of hieght is nigh enough to make this well built man duck through every doorway. His blonde hair is pulled back in sloppy half braid, half twist, tendrils that culminate in a thick pony tail. He wears a patch of thick boar hide leather trimmed with iron over his right eye, though if it is pulled back to reveal the orb beneath it's a brilliant angry red in color with three black tear drops radiating outwardly from a single point. His other eye is normal with blue iris. His stubbly jawline accentuates the angular nature of his face.
From there on down he's solid, well built human male with one exception. His tattoos cover the entirety of his body save his face. He even has tattoos that go all the way down his fingers, up his neck to his hair line, and in other lesser seen areas. The tattoos depict war, violence, and a plethora of demonic skulls adorn sharp crisp lines. It's as though he's perfected being a walking work of art in vibrant colors and bold dark contrast.


'Evil' Eye, Smokes Cigars, Tattooed

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Gabe.png Gabe: Aye ee seems ahn ohkay lahd bou ayh tink ee needs ah noo blayde.
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