Check Point
Summary: Lingo starts the process of tracking the recruits at mealtimes, and the rumors of the woods are brought up.
Date: May 11, 2016
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Hero's Tavern
Lofty wooden rafters and wood paneled walls covered in trophies from Heroes new and old give this room a homey feeling that draws patrons back for night after night of food, drink, and revelry. The large space, packed with tables near the center and booths along the edges leading up to the bar, is almost never empty. The late night crowd gives way to morning prep work and cleaning, until the cycle can begin anew. To the southeast, the Heroes Guild main entrance hall provides easy access to the tavern itself. To the north, there lies a passageway through the kitchens that leads out to the archery yard.
May 11, 1553

Yates arrives from the Archery Yard.
Callisto arrives from the Entrance Hall.

Lingo glances up from where she sits with a pint, feet kicked up into a spare chair. She lets her feet drop back to the floor at the sight of recruits, and downs most of the pint before setting back on the table next to her tray of lunch. Sitting up she offers a wave and a grin to the two who stepped in, "Callisto, check! Yates, check! Two down." She waves around to the other recruits at assorted tables, "I should have brought something to write this all down."

"That'd probably be a good idea." Yates calls over to Lingo with a grin. He steps through to get whatever food their offering, before promptly returning to a table near Lingo. "So," he calls over to the adept, "You looking for any more sparring partners? Figure between you and Fiora I'll be in proper shape in no time."

Managing to actually swallow a bite of potatoes before speaking, Lingo cracks a smirk at Yates, "In no time at all. Only way to learn is to do, as far as I'm concerned. Might as well put my free time to good use, passing along skills and whatnot." She looks over Yates' plate curiously, but refrains from snagging anything.

Yates really just grabbed meat and potatoes. Would probably explain a few things, actually. He takes a swig of his drink before tossing a piece of meat into his mouth and chewing quietly for a few moments. "The way my teacher was. And it I'm still alive, so it worked." he says once his mouth is empty, flashing Lingo a grin. "Figure if I can get a year in here, I'll be a lot better than I was a couple months ago. But, I should probably schedule some will training in too."

Catching herself mid eye roll, Lingo drops her gaze back to Yates', "Will training… Well, I'm sure you get plenty of training in your classes, but for something a little more focused, try and arrange some one-on-one time with one of the Will adepts." She grimaces a little, picking at her plate before reaching for her drink instead, "I've been spending my early mornings with Jarek out on the Island, trying not to get zapped. Or bolted. He's patient, even with the likes of me."

"Then I'll talk to him about that when I get the chance. I'm a little better with the zapping than anything else." Yates brings his drink back up to take another swallow, "And then I can try not to get beaten too badly by you. Right now I'm on even footing with Fiora. I landed a few more blows, but it was mostly dodging and blocking."

Lingo chuckles, pointing her fork at Yates, "Dodging and blocking is all well and good, but it will wear you out. Every minute added to a fight is another opportunity for your foe to smack you down." She fills the fork, eyes dropping to the task at hand, "I've seen you out in the yard. I know you know how to take a hit to land a hit. As long as you aren't risking too much, like losing an eye or a limb, and you can land a finishing blow, I'd say go for it."

"I guess I should start doing that. Or maybe add some of the wrestling I know in with it." Yates hums thoughtfully, eating more of his food and chasing it with alcohol. "That or will abilities. I think I might spend my time here working out how to use everything I can."

Nodding as she chews through her next bite, Lingo washes it down with her own drink. "Good plan. Out there," She waves a hand in the general direction of nowhere, "A little bit of Will ability in a fight will go a long ways against untrained bandits and the like." She grins, "Imagine a pile of bandits and then imagine the advantage you'd have pairing will-powered multiple strikes and the speed of an assassin's rush." She quirks a wry grin, "Haven't been able to pull off that last bit myself."

"I like the assassin rush. I just want to get better at it." Yates says with a nod. "I'd like to mix it with lightning. It's not the most efficient, but it'll be more than enough to scare off some bandits."

Lingo quirks an eyebrow at Yates, "You can pull of an assassin rush?" She looks over Yates curiously, glass half lifted but forgotten, "Hmm, mixed with lightning… You may give me a few new bruises after all." She finally lifts the glass the rest of the way for a drink.

"Sometimes." Yates nods. "I'd like to be able to use it more. So I definitely need to get somebody to tutor in that specific area too. Gonna have a full plate." He turns his drink up to finish it off before he tackles the potatoes. "Would have been nice to have a will user back home. I could have been much more useful."

Lingo nods along, eyeing her plate as she scrapes up the last of her food, "Where's home for you then?" She glances up before taking the last bite, "I'm from… Well, here." She waves a hand around the tavern.

"Up near Knothole Glade at the Drakeblood camp." Yates informs Lingo. "So naturally we had bandits, pirates, and monsters to deal with." He starts to take another bite of food, but instead looks back over at the adept. "Speaking of which, what's happening in the woods?"

Stiffening up at the mention of the woods, Lingo slowly lowers her fork to the empty tray, looking as if the food she just finished had been slightly off. She manages to lift her gaze back towards Yates, though it has gone cold, her brow knitting as she leans forward to help her quieted voice carry, "First off, don't go out there. At least without me or Jarek around. Not even on daytime hunting trips. I don't have any news on those who have gone missing yet, but believe me when I say we are searching."

"I'll gladly accompany you both out there. I'm not as skilled, but extra hands is always useful." Yates offers, continuing with the little bit of his meal that's left. "Any idea what might be out there?"

Shaking her head a bit, Lingo leans back into her seat once more, murmuring, "There shouldn't be anything out there that could make people disappear. If they fell prey to something, there should be evidence. Most animals don't eat clothing or gear." She looks Yates up and down, "You serious about wanting to help?"

Yates nods, "I'm serious. And that's true, do you think it's a somebody instead?" His brows furrow slightly, a calloused hand coming up to rub at his jaw. "That's odd."

Lingo glances around at the recruits that are finishing up their meals, the cold edge to her eyes giving way, muttering more to herslef than anyone in particular. "Why would someone kidnap recruits though? It doesn't make any sense." As her gaze sweeps the room and falls back on Yates, she jumps a bit, her face trying to cover any of the squishy emotion she'd let out. Shaking her head she pushes her seat back from the table, "Mikkal's going to drag me into his office like a recruit again if I keep adding to the stories going around." She mananages to crack a grin at Yates as she stands, "If we go out searching again, I'll see about bringing you and a few others along. It's not fair to make you wait this all out without being able to help."

Yates taps out a salute. "Alright, I'll be ready when you ask."

Nodding she grins and turns to leave, "Best be getting back to the practice yard. I'll want to see how tough you are before trusting you out in the woods, so work on that assassin rush if you want to stand a chance against me!"

"I'll be sure to." Yates nods at Lingo, pushing to his feet. "Better start working on that then."

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