Skills Description


Attributes are the natural abilities of your character and don't change quite as much as skills do, there are four attributes that govern a character's abilities.

Physique dictates the force with which you can swing a weapon as well as improving the bulk of your build. High physique means bigger hero!

Speed determines how quickly you move both in and out of combat. A fast hero is difficult to hit and can often deal more damage.

Toughness determines your 'natural armor' or how well you can take a hit. Higher toughness means less damage felt in general. The hardy hero lives to talk about it.

Willpower is the amount of energy pooling within you that you can use for spells. Willpower is both of the soul and the mind, and will users can be vastly powerful. The smart hero chooses willpower.


There are two groupings of skills, action skills that are used in combat and background skills that are used at any time.

Action Skills

Your skill with projectile weapons, some types require more skill to use. Bows are fairly simple being point-pull-release, while thrown daggers take some added finesse to understanding.

Battle Charge
Rush into battle with superhuman speed and strength, knocking down anyone in your way. Higher skill increases distance and force.

A small missile of force that slams into the enemy from a distance. Higher skill levels increase the number of missiles with each casting. OOC - This is not a canon spell, but one that staff has added. It has all the same appearance as Magic Missile from D&D.

Divine Fury
Channel divine fury with your willpower and burn through your enemies in the glorious light of Avo. Higher skill increases damage done, time elapsed, and the number effected. OOC: Game may not reflect AoE.

Drain Life
You siphon off the life force of your enemies and use it to heal yourself. Higher skill increases the amount of health gained from each drain. OOC: Cannot be used to kill PCs. Can be used to attempt healing during combat.

A blast of flames that eminates outwardly from the caster in all directions. Higher skill has a chance of knocking enemies prone, increased damage, and increased distance. OOC:Game may not reflect AoE.

A ball of flames that is launched from the hand and can hit either a target or a solid object. Higher skill increases the damage, distance, and burst. OOC: Game may not reflect AoE.

Force Push
Blast the force of your will outwardly in all directions, shoving enemies away from you. Higher skill pushes larger creatures and deals more damage. OOC: Game may not reflect AoE.

You channel your will into restoring yours and another's life force and/or body. Higher skill increases the amount of healing and uses less will. OOC: This is the skill +heal works with.

Infernal Wrath
Open vortices to the netherworld and drain your enemies' life forces away. Higher skill increases damage done, time elapsed, and number effected. OOC: Game may not reflect AoE.

A direct bolt of energy sent from the caster's fingertips or palm to the target. Higher skill increases damage done and reduces the amount of will needed.

Your skill with hand to hand combat, also known as brawling by locals. OOC: There is no set 'style', however, the game depicts American boxing as 'brawling'. Staff will stick to this concept for the MUSH.

Your skills with various melee weapons. Some weapons require higher skill to use. Daggers are easier than greatswords, maces easier than warhammers for example.

Background Skills

Multi Strike
This imbues your blade with extra strikes during your next attack. OOC: This will provide a modifier to your next attack based on your skill.

Physical Shield
This creates a protective energy force around you just above your skin. Higher skill increases the amount of damage taken. OOC: This allows you to take the +combat/stance PShield1-2-3-4. Skill rank determines which PShield you can take.

You grow in size and strength, losing your mind and civility as you become the beacon of pain. OOC: The grants a bonus modifier.

Assassin Rush
You can instantly move from one spot to another, if you're targeting someone you can move behind them instataneously to effect a backstab. OOC: In battle this can provide a modifier to attack. Out of Combat this is for RP flavor.

Multi Arrow
You imbue your bow with will so that each arrow acts like many. OOC: This provides a modifier to your attack instead of providing multiple attacks. You may RP multiple arrows, however.

Slow Time
You influence the fabric of time and cause it to slow to a crawl around you. OOC: This cannot be used in combat to attack, you may 'cast' defensive spells or change stance, weapon, target, etc.

This summons a soul from the netherworld to fight for you. Higher skill improves the power of the summoned soul. OOC: This will add the NPC Summoned Soul to your team to attack the nearest possible target.

You exert your will on an enemy and force them to fight for you. OOC: The GM will control one enemy in your favor to fight for you. The GM retains control of the NPC at all times.

Your skill with speech and cunning, lock and pocket picking, and haggling.

Your ability to move silently and hide in shadows or even plain sight with enough skill. OOC: Not original to the game, but split from Guile to allow for more RP options.

Background skills are also largely player specified. The above are specific canon skills and spells that exist within the game for a coded purpose. Crafting, hunting, dancing, singing, and so on are considered background skills as well and should be defined by players to help flesh out their character. (As a note, most background skills are the only way to earn money in the game so you should consider having at least one of them to use for money earning roleplay.)

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