New Player Guide

Developing Your Character's Concept

When working on your character concept, ask your self what sort of hero you're looking to play. Despite the Guild's skill requirements to graduate, there is a vast amount of options for what sort of hero you'd like to be. We always enjoy someone wishing to play a specific role that may or may not be needed in the game, but we'd rather you play something you'd really enjoy being.

While all of the Guild's Recruits would have started young, there are a vast amount of background possibilities that can be had for them. Check below for a list of restrictions on concepts. Staff would like you to have your pick, so we do make all decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Character Generation (Chargen)

This is a walk-through of how to proceed through character generation, each of these sections is present in the game and will need to be completed for approval.

Demographic Information:

Naming Conventions
Names can vary greatly between the peoples of Albion, however we do not support names with spaces in them. Names cannot be adjectives either (e.g. Stoneheart, BraveWarrior, OlympicTickler, etc.), as there is no support canonically for them. Names should not be titles, such as Runemaster, Chickenkicker, or Assassin, nor should they include such titles in them. Pop Culture names will not be allowed, nor names directly from the game. (e.g. Thunder, Lady Gray, Briar Rose, Twinblade, Nostro, Luke Skywalker, Malcom Reynolds, etc.)

Age Limitations
All characters at the time of creation must be at least 18 years of age. Since we're a mature game we will not support underage characters, at all. Characters can be older, but we're looking to have you playing near the beginning of their journey and no hero is an Immortal like Scythe.

Male or Female
We support either sex on the game, play which ever you'd like. There aren't restrictions for gender or gender identity, but the game world doesn't support gender alterations from male to female or vice versa.

These are archetypes for how your character would respond to outward stimuli, all guild recruits are trained in all three disciplines of the hero, regardless of their natural tendencies. This can be a reason why you're still within the guild, as you may not have natural talent for one or two of the three and thus could not graduate.


Before you set any abilities type +reset to set up your +sheet and give your character the base language.

There are four attributes on FableMUSH which govern your character's natural abilities. These attributes can change with enough experience and logs showing your use of skills related to these attributes. A +request is needed in order to improve an attribute. Any attribute cannot be higher than 4 to start.

1 - Sickly or deficient (Limits weaponry to daggers or staves, limits armor to cloth, limits spells to Bolt or Lightning)
2 - Normal/Average for humans
3 - Exceptional
4 - Super human

Skill Levels

See the Skill Descriptions page for details on each skill and the ranks' affect on them. However the general rule is that with higher level comes greater ability. For Will powers every rank lowers mana drain while every 4th level increases damage. For weapons, your weaponry skill determines your ability to handle that type of weapon. Some weapons also require high Physique to use, such as great hammers, great swords, and great maces. Armor and outfits can be used by anyone, heroes are trained to fight in all armor types.

Background skills are largely player specified. There are specific canon skills and spells that are listed in Skill Descriptions that exist within the game for a coded purpose, but crafting, hunting, dancing, singing, and so on are considered background skills as well and should be defined by players to help flesh out their character. (As a note, most background skills are the only way to earn money in the game so you should consider having at least one of them to use for money earning roleplay.)

On FableMUSH we're looking for characters who still need to improve in some way, primarily with their skills. Since all characters are recruits, their skills will need work. Brand new recruits will have fewer skills, with 1 - 3 ranks in a skill at most, a high skill for them would be a 3. Recruits that have been with the guild for at least 5 years will have skills 3 - 6 with their highest skill being a 6. Recruits ready to graduate have been with the guild for at least 5 years if not 10. They will have the most skills with the range being 2 - 5 for all but their main skill being a 6.

Race is restricted to humans only. The Old Kingdom may have had special humans with special abnormalities to them, but we're beyond that time now. Non-humans or humans with horns, wings, halos, glowing skin, glowing eyes, fangs, fur, or anything not intrinsically human will not be approved.

All peoples speak the common language, this is reflected as English on the +sheet. Despite ethnic diversity being open to the game, Albion teaches its young to speak a single common tongue. There aren't any other languages available.

The in game commands have been disabled. If you try to use them and get Huh? as the response, this is why.

Quirks are that certain something about your character that makes them unique or that influences their roleplay. Are they left-handed? Have a birthmark that's easily seen? Have a tattoo that's easily seen? Are they famous, called something funny, or done something infamous? There are a couple rules about quirks to follow:

- Fame must be applied for, as is infamy.
- Adept, Graduate, Champion, etc. Are all locked to staff approval only and at this time are not possible.
- Actions that others would take, or thoughts others would have, are not quirks. Stunning implies that they cause others to act or think a certain way. Beautiful, for that matter does the same. Check with staff if you're having trouble coming up with one.


Backgrounds can be tricky to write but start yourself off right with a few simple questions; Who is he/she? Where do they come from? Who would they know? Why are they here? What caused them to be part of the guild?

Backgrounds don't need to be novels about your character, but they should explain how your character got the skills you chose for them. They should include where they come from, what happened to get them to be part of the guild, and how long they've been at the guild. The Guild recruits in two ways, either a young child is sent there after a sudden and often violent awakening of their will powers; or their innate power is sensed by Maze or the Guildmaster. The final way someone can join is through application to the guild and proof they belong there.

As a note, lineage style Hero families are allowed but be careful with them. Missing siblings could potentially end up dead as per current story line, as well retiring from heroism only occurs when you die. The Hero of Oakvale's mother, Scarlet Robe, is the only exception from this rule and staff aren't allowing it otherwise. If your parents are heroes, they will not have much time to be around you as they will have duties to attend to for the guild. You're welcome to have this type of family, but we aware of these things.

The last page of your background should detail your character's possessions. Things like the tools and supplies you use for crafting are a good start. A set of gear, such as weapons and armor, can get very expensive. Iron items are cheaper than steel, which is in turn cheaper than anything else. Obsidian is basically unheard of. Chainmaille armor is almost as expensive as a house in Bowerstone, so it takes a long time to earn. Steel weapons take about half that. Platemaille costs three times as much. So be careful when choosing items and understand if staff change the quality of something you'd like to own.


All applicants will be required to have a completed description of their character. This includes hair, face, body, and clothing. A standardized guild uniform description is provided for both the hooded and unhooded version. Since all PCs are recruits they will be required to wear their uniform while on guild grounds. However, armor may be worn during camping, hiking, hunting, and training expeditions into the guild woods.

Application Review Process

Applications are reviewed by both Avo and Skorm within 48 hours of submission. They're looking for the +sheet supporting the background and that the +sheet follows established restrictions governing attributes and abilities. They will also make sure the background fits within the game's theme and timeline. The PC's description will be checked and all code related checks will be accounted for before approval is given.

If staff do need you work on your application, they will first +mail you their commentary about it and then send back your application for fixing. They're willing to work with you on any of the points they've made. Rewrites are not necessary, if staff need you to elaborate on something another background can be used to note the adjustments or additional details requested.

Once you're finished with your background, +bg/submit will send in your application for review by staff. +bg/unsubmit will withdraw your submission so you can make changes and resubmit. Good luck!

Restricted Concepts

FableMUSH is abound with variety and staff hope to develop an environment of freedom. However, our theme does dictate certain things are not possible or are restricted to approval until special circumstances only.

- The following are not allowed, at all:

Players may not app for bitten, turned, or otherwise any character that is or will be a balvarine. All such creatures are NPC only.

They don't have these in the game, please don't ask to be the first.

Sorry, no one is related to the Grays or leaders of any village. You're part of the guild now, so you have to earn a name for yourself.

- The following are restricted:

Graduated Heroes
These are locked until a future update to the game.

Adepts of the Guild
Only by special application. Adepts wear the dark guild uniforms in the game, they're technically graduated but are not heroes. Typically they're experts of one of the three tiers of a hero, thus not allowing them to take on the world as a complete hero. They are not common and are akin to featured characters here.

Samarkand, The Northern Wastes, The Southern Wilds, and The Far West are still off limits. For the most part not much is known about them, as well they're only available under a special circumstance. The Northern Wastes have not had their cullis gates opened in centuries and the only way to get there otherwise is with the fireheart which is still locked behind the primal demon door. This is why they're not available. Hook Coast, as well, is off limits because the ancient cullis gate in Darkwood cannot be accessed at this time.

Player Characters must be at least 18 years of age for game play. They can be older if you'd like, but too old and we start to wonder why they haven't graduated yet. This doesn't mean you can't play well aged characters, but they'll fall under restricted application.

After Approval

Once you're approved you're free to join the rest of the game. You may leave chargen and head to the OOC Lounge. +IC will take you to the game's IC grid and +OOC will take you back to the OOC Lounge. +AFK will take you to the Idle Lounge if you'd like to be spam free while away from your screen.

The Wiki

To join this wiki, send in a +request with your wikidot account name and you will be sent the invitation. Please allow up to 72 hours to process this request. Once you've been added you can proceed to making your character's page. Also send in a +request with a link to the photo you'd like to use for your character's icon so that staff can upload it for you.

Entering Role-play

Check +events to see what's happening in the game and +rpsearch to find others to RP with. You can also +request to run your own event if you'd like. Also check out the +bboard for more information on what is happening ICly.

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