What is FableMUSH's primary theme?

FableMUSH takes place in the fictional nation of Albion, popularized through the video game Fable by Lionhead Studios. It is centered primarily around the young hopeful heroes from the Heroes' Guild. Events transpire within that allow heroes to develop and grow, make choices that affect their alignment, and leave their mark on the world.

Gameplay occurs 50 years prior to the events of the popular Xbox and PC games, and the events on the MUSH are not considered canon and do not come from canon sources. In fact, all events are developed for story purposes and not intended for anything else.

The general theme of Fable and Albion is medieval England with swords and sorcery. There are monsters, bandits, evil, poverty, and at times parties. Heroes get trained in a guild that oversees the land by sending heroes to aid people with all manner of tasks. Almost all heroes are able to use magic, known as Powers of Will, to some extent and is generally considered normal by people… despite their vocalized awe at the hero's powers.

Where can I play?

You can log in to FableMUSH using a MU* client such as SimpleMU.
Host: aelfhame.net
Port: 6000

What can I play?

As FableMUSH begins, every new character will be a student of Albion's Heroes' Guild.

Positions: You can choose to play one of three types of heroes: Skillfull, Warrior, or Willuser. These are archetypes only, all heroes will need to know enough of each of the three disciplines to graduate the Guild.

  • Skillfull- Those that master the arts of stealth, cunning, sleight of hand, and ranged fighting tactics are among the most skillful of heroes.
  • Warrior- Training with all sorts of weapons and taking as much damage as they can, warriors are strong and tough fighting machines.
  • Willuser- Specialists in using their Powers of Will, these casters focus almost exclusively on training their mystical craft.

Factions: You will also get to choose to play a good, neutral, or evil character. These states of being are malleable through each hero's actions.

Are there any limits on races and ethnicity?

The people of Albion are racially diverse here versus the games' general British theme to Albion's people. There is no racial discrimination in FableMush, nor it's Heroes' Guild.

What is the primary religion?

The two largest deities of this period are Avo and Skorm. Avo, God of Light, is a benevolent god who accepts donations of gold, while Skorm, God of Darkness, is an evil god who accepts human sacrifices.

Is there magic?

Yes! Will is the term for magic within the Fable universe. There are many different kinds of spells, and heroes specializing in the use of Will are always a force to be reckoned with.

What is the fashion like?

For this MUSH we are going for a darker medieval theme to clothing, however rich or fancy is rare to non-existent right now. Since guild recruits all wear the same outfit, one will be described and provided for use during game play.

Where do people live?

Starting out, characters will live in the Heroes' Guild dormitories.

Will there be places to go outside the Guild?

Yes, in future updates as the game's story unfolds and as they become available.

Where can I learn more about the syntax commands used in creating a character?

You can visit our Help page here.

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