Daria Zhemkova as Callisto Blackmoore
Full Name: Callisto Blackmoore
Nickname: Calli
Age: 18
Hometown: Bowerstone
Faction: Evil
Position: Willuser
Rank: Recruit
Spouse: None Height: 5'10
Father: Maric Issani aka. Black Shroud Weight: 175 lbs
Mother: Zamie Blackmoore Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Siblings: Potential Half-Siblings Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Born in Bowerstone to a high class merchant specializing in perfumes Callisto Blackmoore was raised in comfort. Part of this was due to her mother Zamie Blackmoore's profitable alchemy based business the other part was because Zamie was the lover of a rather notorious Hero who called himself Black Shroud. Black Shroud was evil there was no doubt about that but he still visited Zamie and Callisto when he could and the small mountains of presents and gold he brought only helped.

Callisto was taught by her mother as she grew and it was discovered as she grew she had something of a silver tongue and loose morals. She was a cunning child and while she was social with local children she tended to manipulate and use them with ease. Her mother did nothing to stop this and when Black Shroud came by he actively encouraged it saying that a cunning mind was a good a weapon as a blade at times. This had Callisto quite eager to practice her skills at swaying others to do what she wanted. She had a circle of people around her but no real friends. Most were girls who were drawn to her beacuse she was both pretty and clever and they stayed because Callisto could be quite cruel when crossed.

At age thirteen Callisto had an accident where a boy she did not like got too close to her and tried to touch her. When he did she accidentally performed a drain life spell on him. He was more dazed and confused than hurt and when Black Shroud was told about this strings were tugged on and Callisto was sent to the Hero's Guild for proper training.

While at the guild Callisto built a reputation as a talanted young socialite and willuser. It was a lesser known fact that she also had talents in areas of stealth and guile as well. She built a small circle of like minded girls, social beings that she won the loyaty of slowly over the years. By the time she was eighteen she was considered something of a heartthrob to the male population. Many guys chased after her but Callisto was to crafty and manipulative, she used their affections to get what she wanted from them and then ignored them and in the end they never got anywhere close to being alone with her, never mind touching her. She kept just enough distance to reel them in while giving them nothing in return and it was a game she enjoyed. She was and still is in denial of the fact that her actions were wrong, she never thought that her manipulations made her evil or even cruel. Now that Callisto is growing closer to graduation she is redoubling her efforts to study and make useful connections amoung the other recruits.



A young woman in her late teen years. Where is can be seen her skin is pale alabaster and without a single flaw. Silvery platinum blonde hair falls down a few inches past her mid back and left free falling in loose gentle waves. Low eyebrows of that same blonde sit above her eyes. Those eyes are a pale icy blue color and almond in shape with thick silvery lashes framing them. Her face is gently rounded with a short slightly upturned nose and small full lips painted with a blood red lipstick that stands out starkly against her otherwise pale complexion. Somewhat tall for a young woman she stands at five foot ten inches with a body that is both curvy and athletic.

She wears the robes of a Hero's Guild recruit. She has chosen the hoodless version letting her pale blonde hair fall down the back of the outfit. The tunic highlights her large breasts in a subtle fashion, still loose but just tight enough to draw eyes. A leather belt is wrapped around her slender waist with a few pouches attached. The pants are even more tight-fitting, hugging her butt before they tuck into her boots. The outfit seems to made to highlight her figure, to tempt eyes towards her without being too obvious about it.


Manipulative, Alchemist

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