Berserker Blonde Vs. Snarky Thief
Summary: Logen and Fiora meet suddenly on the stairs amidst all the stares, they don't see eye to eye.
Date: May 5th 2016
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Entrance Hall
This large opening hall is framed by two winding staircases going up to a balcony and hallway beyond. Those in the balcony could easily hear those down below. In the center of the room is a dominating magical map of all Albion with cards displaying jobs for heroes to take. To the north through the main arch and staying straight is the Heroes' Guild Tavern Room, entering to the right will lead to the Quartermaster's and to the left will lead to the Library.

This entrance hall is busling with recruits and adepts alike as many hustle along to or from classes. Stealth class has just recently finished and Logen is idling about the balcony watching for his opening in the crowd. Gaggles of girls mill about in small groups whispering and more than a few eyes flicker from the conversational whispering to the known thief and back again. When an opening occurs on the stairs, Logen quickly starts to move down them, rushing and not really paying attention to where he's going.

Fiora stalks up the stairs with heavy steps. The foul tempered blonde berserker doesn't need to wait for an opening. Instead she makes her own opening scaring off any who dare get too close to her person, sending them scurrying away from her with a snarl and a glare that promises pain. She hurries along with brisk businesslike steps and she isn't above shoving those who get in her path either. The gaggle of female students seems to part for her, several of those girls having gotten thier butts beat into the dirt by the fiesty blonde during combat training.
As Logen passes by one of the girls, he's able to slip a hand into the pouch on her belt and whisk something away into one of his own. This momentary distracting causes him to miss his step, jostle into one of the girls and then fall face first into the cleavage of hurrying businesslike stair climber.

One minute Fiora is hurrying up the steps the next she has a young thief falling face first into her cleavage. She stops dead in her tracks, her hands balling into fists as she looks down at the young man with fiery rage in those grey eyes. She is actually rather pretty not to mention curvy but until now no one has dared get this close to her and it has her seething. She looks like she may murder him though to her credit she is trying not to go berserk on his pretty face. "You have three seconds to remove yourself from my person before I start throwing punches." See she can be reasonable!

Looking up doesn't help when he's brought lips to lips with the almost berserk Fiora. Despite him pulling back as quickly as possible instantly after the light fleeting barely registering as, kiss, Logen stumbles and slips to the rail. He looks over at the blonde, "I've fallen into better." a coy smirk flickering across his features.

<FS3> Fiora rolls Berserk: Failure.
<FS3> Fiora rolls Brawl: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Logen=Speed Vs Fiora=Unarmed
< Logen: Failure Fiora: Success
< Net Result: Fiora wins - Marginal Victory

The kiss takes Fiora by surprise and when Logen moves away Fiora follows him like a hound at the scent of blood. The remark has her raising a brow her eyes cold and uncaring. She doesn't care if he has or not. She has no desire to be that close to anyone. "Do I look like I care about that? I don't." And then she throws a punch straight at his stomach. She isn't berserk but she is feeling rather vengeful all the same. She makes a show of wiping her mouth where his lips pressed against her own her eyes burning with cold rage as they study him her firsts still ready to throw another blow if she deems it nessecary.

<FS3> Logen rolls Assassin Rush: Failure.

Logen blurs for a moment after he takes the hit, the grimace on his face and the inward natural flinch as the blow connects causes his sudden burst to fall short of moving behind Fiora. He looks right in her eyes after that point, "You know… when you get close like that. A guy has to wonder if you're coming on to him." a pause, "I'd accept, but you're not hot enough to ride this ride." his smirk sliding back on like a well worn face mask.

<FS3> Fiora rolls Berserk: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Logen=Speed Vs Fiora=Unarmed
< Logen: Good Success Fiora: Success
< Net Result: Logen wins - Solid Victory

"To accept I would have to want you in the first place. You hold no interest for me just as I hold none for you." Fiora quips back with cold eyes. The rage in her grows until she starts throwing more punches the berserker state she is known for taking over now. She doesn't see the crowd watching them she just rages trying to hit him and hit him hard.

Logen dodges easily, slipping further down the stairs away from the berserking girl. "Wow, you really need to get a hold of yourself." he continues to smirk at her, "We're over, through, I want nothing to do with you any more." there's a light chuckle. His words loud and boisterous enough that shocked reactions begin to errupt from the crowd. Adepts come running down the stairs and quickly get in Fiora's way, as well as Logen's.

"This altercation is over." One of the adepts states firmly as his physical shield flares to life. Two more right behind him. One takes hold of Logen's arm and firmly gives him the stern /You're not going anywhere./ look.

"There was never anything between us to end…except maybe your miserable life. Oh by Skorm's black heart! Let me hit him at least ten more times?! Spoilsports." Fiora is snarling with fury as she is restrained. It takes two rather burly adepts to hold her back and she glares daggers at the snarky thief. But the rage begins to ebb away at last. She doesn't look embaressed or ashamed though. She seems to have no remorse at all her expression turning calm and stoic for now.

"The both of you will be seen by Presiding Hero Mikkal Graystone within the next few days." The shielded adept states firmly. "This is unexcusable behavior, even for your lover's quarrel." The statement sending wild fire murmurings and whispers, gasps, and gaping through the crowd. Logen is escorted away by his adept while the three centering their attentions on Fiora insist on her heading up the stairs.

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