Archery is Boring
Summary: The sneakthief, the brawler, and the berserker ditch archery practice for a good old fashioned fistfight.
Date: May 23, 2016
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Archery Yard
Surrounded by a low wooden fence, this training area features both moving and stationary targets that lie beyond the fenceline. The yard itself is sandy, and divots seem to have been worked into certain corners of the range where apprentices have found their preferred places to shoot from. To the east lies the main practice yard, and to the south over the bridge are the light and sounds of the kitchens and the Heroes' Guild Tavern Hall.
May 23, 1553

Midday sun beating down on the yards finds most recruits leaving their training early to head to lunch, but Tuthala is still practicing. Small knives flash forward from her grasp to perforate the dummies set down the range, one after another, before she hops the short fence blocking the range to recover them. She's about to launch them once more as Sevrin makes his way to the range. Looking the tall man over warily, she settles back against the fenceline instead of stepping up for another round.

Sevrin looks like he's been through hell recently and somebody forgot to tell him, because despite the fresh looking bruises that decorate his face he's still heading over to the archery range with a confident swagger. "Hey there." he calls over casually, before his tone takes a distinct teasing quality, "You're my tutor for today, right?" Sure enough he actually has a bow and several small daggers, apparently taking a break from all the close quarters training.

Tuthala sits up a little, catching the tone and raising an eyebrow. "Tutor?" she scoffs, "How long do you think I've been here, hmm?" She straightens up from the fence, taking a few steps out before she turns back towards the dummies, eyeing them in preparation.
<FS3> Sevrin rolls Accuracy: Success.

"No idea, I usually don't try to focus on too many faces at once. Bad for the memory." Sevrin says, producing his bow and aiming downrange. There's a brief pause before he lets his arrow loose, which finds purchase in the midsection of the dummy he was aiming at, but not dead where he was aiming.

<FS3> Tuthala rolls Accuracy: Failure.

Tuthala eyes the dummy that was struck by Sevrin's arrow before letting loose one of her throwing daggers at the dummy's chest. It falls far short of it's target, and a flush starts creeeping up her neck as she grumbles and readies another dagger, glancing over at Sevrin, "I think I may need a tutor mysel-" She spots Fiora, and she doesn't quite manage to hide an eyeroll. "What, you came here to practice archery? Did hacking that boar in half not work as well for you as it looked?"

Fiora stomps onto the archery ground glaring daggers at the practice bow in her hand. A quiver is slung over her shoulder and her heavy steps carry her over to the training dummies. "Swords and fists are superior methods yes. But some nosy adept decided I had been avoiding archery practice to much." Tuthala gets a 'look' of disdain paired with barely contained Grade 2 Fiora Rage. Grade 3 is when she starts berserking so it may be telling that the blonde is quite unhappy at this point, slightly more unhappy than normal might be more accurate though. There is indeed an adept hovering in the background watching the warrior with narrowed eyes. Fiora growls as she readies her bow and gets an arrow in position to fire. Another heated glance is given to Tuthala and she ignores Sevrin altogether for now as she prepares to shoot.

<FS3> Sevrin rolls Accuracy: Success.

Sevrin doesn't seem to really care too much about the bickering between Fiora and Tuthala, instead readying another arrow and shooting at the same dummy, hitting a little bit closer to the center this time. "Have we ever got around to boxing?" he asks of Fiora, tongue clucking as he looks out at his dummy. "And that might be my fault. Been here for three years and can't say I'm very good at anything except hitting things."

<FS3> Tuthala rolls Accuracy: Good Success.

Tuthala produces a second small dagger, glancing from Sevrin to Fiora and back, "Boxing? She'd smoosh you." She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly before flicking her wrist, the small blade burying itself next to Sevrin's arrow.

<FS3> Fiora rolls Accuracy: Failure.

Grey eyes sweep over to Sevrin and Fiora is suddenly eyeing him intently. "No we haven't. Perhaps that can change soon." She doesn't smile but she does offer him a faint and rather wicked looking grin. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with hitting things. It’s a highly respectable pastime." Turning back to eye her target she draws back her bowstring quite far trying to aim as best as she can. "Don't scare him off sneakthief, I need more people willing to spar with me to improve my skills. Besides…no pain…" Here she releases to arrow and it sails far past the intended target missing altogether. "..means you never improve and are likely constantly bored to boot. Stupid bow." That last part is muttered at her weapon and she gives it a glare, likely considering snapping it.

<FS3> Sevrin rolls Accuracy: Good Success.

"I've been fighting for years. Ran my own group in Bowerstone, before I lost my eye. Don't think I'm too worried about getting hit a few times." Sevrin informs Tuthala, firing off another arrow and finally hitting it dead on. "There we go." Now that that's out of the way his attention shifts over to the other two. "Maybe after all this we can head over to the sparring area. See just how hard," his good eyes shifts to Fiora, "Fiora I believe it was, hits."

"A 'group' of your own," Tuthala says flatly. “Great. Glad our caravan never met you on a dark night I suppose." Tuthala rolls her eyes once more, hopping the range's fence to retrieve her daggers and Sevrin's arrows before planting a palm and vaulting the fence once more. Dropping Sevrin's arrows in a pile in front of him, she tucks her daggers away. She glances between Fiora and Sevrin once more, "Hope that adept back there knows how to heal.”

<FS3> Fiora rolls Accuracy: Success.

Fiora actually seems somewhat interested in Sevrin now. It’s faint, but there is a small glimmer of respect there beyond her normal grumpiness as she glances up at him briefly. "Gladly. After this I will -need- to hit something." She readies herself once more drawing in a breath and glaring angrily at the target as she pulls back her bowstring a bit less aggressively this time, not much less though. The arrows is released and lands on one of the outer rings, however it buries itself quite solidly into the target. "Finally." Fiora growls and turns to glare at the adept. "There, I hit the target. I'm going to punch something now….come on Mister Group Leader. I'm itching to test your skills." The bow is thrust at the adept as the warrior stalks away, eager to go back to what she is good at.

"Nothing like that." Sevrin assures Tuthala, "That was when I got to Knothole Glade." Then he's nodding over at Fiora, "Sure. I know I can hit the target now, sure they won't mind me stepping off for a spar."

Tuthala wrinkles her nose at Fiora, "Of course you would be the one to give credit to a wag like him." Hopping up to sit on the fence, she seems more interested than she'd like to be in the match ahead.

Fiora merely looks back briefly raises a brow at Tuthala. "I give him no credit at all yet." She moves towards an empty part of the practice yard and spins on her heel to face Sevrin. "Ready then?" She is already assuming her own fighting stance, ready to go herself.

"Just wait until you get to know me. Maybe all I need is a hug to turn me away from Skorm's temple." Sevrin can't help but tease Tuthala, tugging his gloves off and bringing his hands up with a nod towards Fiora. "Whenever you are."

Tutala grimaces at Sevrin as he steps up to face Fiora, "I think you'd more likely get a hug from Fiora here than, me." She eyes Fiora as she prepares, tucking her arms across her chest.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiora=Unarmed Vs Sevrin=Unarmed
< Fiora: Great Success Sevrin: Good Success
< Net Result: Fiora wins - Solid Victory

Tuthala gets a glare. "If you think I -hug- anyone save to choke them then you are very wrong." The word hug is uttered with much disdain. Suddenly Fiora is charging Sevrin with great speed, her left fist swinging towards his midsection. She doesn't give him any more warning, she just charges in and starts swinging.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=unarmed Vs Fiora=unarmed
< Sevrin: Success Fiora: Good Success
< Net Result: Fiora wins - Marginal Victory

Sevrin manages to avoid the brunt of the strike, dancing to the side and throwing a jab at Fiora's jaw to test the woman's defenses.

Tuthala flinches a bit as blows connect, eyes darting back and forth, imagining trying to dodge all those hits. She shakes her head and murmurs, "I am not getting in line for that."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiora=Unarmed Vs Sevrin=Unarmed
< Fiora: Success Sevrin: Good Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Marginal Victory

Fiora dodges the blow to her jaw by just a little bit. Another punch is aimed at Sevrin, this time at his face. She growls softly and lets her rage build, letting it fuel her ability to fight.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=unarmed Vs Fiora=unarmed
< Sevrin: Success Fiora: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Sevrin shifts, bringing his forehead down to meet Fiora's fist, allowing the hard bone there to take the impact. Of course it causes him to take a step back and raise his defense so he can observe the woman he's sparring with.

Tuthala involuntarily brings her hands up to her own head, eyes squeezing shut at the thought of meeting head to fist. "Ugh," she mutters, "You people are crazy!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiora=Unarmed Vs Sevrin=Unarmed
< Fiora: Good Success Sevrin: Great Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Solid Victory

Fiora's fist connects with Sevrin's forehead. To her credit the impact of the hard bone against her fist doesn't make the woman pause or flinch in the slightest. As he pulls back she advances pressing her attack with relentless energy and rage. She throws yet another punch and as he studies her she raises a brow. "Less staring more fighting!" And the attacks keep coming.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=unarmed Vs Fiora=unarmed
< Sevrin: Success Fiora: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Sevrin manages to dodge or redirect most of Fiora's strikes, before he finally starts to press forward himself. Left feint, right feint, left jab. "Keep working yourself up like that and you'll be sure to lose." he warns, doing his best not to get stuck too badly himself.

Tuthala calls out at Sevrin, "The more worked up she gets, the less likely you'll be left standing!" She is watching the match intently now, eyes flicking back and forth, trying to guess the odds.

<FS3> Fiora rolls Berserk: Good Success.

There is a gleam in Fiora's eyes, a look of raging fury. She draws on that fury and her movements speed up her punches coming quicker and with more power now as she falls into her berserker state. She just keeps fighting, never slowing, blows raining down and even if she gets hit she just keeps coming.

<FS3> Sevrin rolls Battle Charge: Success.

Sevrin ducks to the side and dashes forward, lowering his shoulder and planting it into Fiora's midsection with more force and speed than one would think possible from the already very fast man. Then he's dancing backwards again, fists coming up to ready himself for the next wave of attacks.

Hissing in shock at Sevrin's maneuver, Tuthala cringes but keeps her eyes peeled to the match.

<FS3> Fiora rolls Battle Charge: Success.

Fiora is pushed back but then there is a blur of movement as she charges Sevrin once more, trying to close the distance before he gets to far. There is another heavily powered punch brought up towards his left eye but she just keeps coming, trying to ram into him with the force of her charge as well.

<FS3> Sevrin rolls Toughness: Failure.

The berserk blonde makes solid contact with Sevrin's jaw, knocking him for a loop. There's a popping sound and out comes his glass eye, rolling off towards Tuthala. It takes a couple of moments but he pushes up onto swaying feet, hands coming up to defend his bloody face. "C'mon, I can do this all day." it's pretty obvious he can't, but it won't stop him from saying he can.

Tuthala hops down from the fence, eyeing the glass orb curiously before scooping it up and then beating a hasty retreat for the fence once more, this time hopping clear over it to peer at the combatants from the other side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiora=Unarmed Vs Sevrin=Unarmed
< Fiora: Success Sevrin: Good Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Solid Victory

Fiora doesn't even pause, she throws a punch to Sevrin's gut and then tries a kick intending to sweep his legs out from under him. She smirks at him rather wickedly. "You had better give up now before I start aiming lower, I've been being way too nice so far." And for Fiora she actually has been somewhat…nicer.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=unarmed Vs Fiora=unarmed
< Sevrin: Good Success Fiora: Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Solid Victory

Despite his state it's clear that this isn't Sevrin's first time on the bad end of a fight. Regardless of how god Fiora is, he's light and experienced. That results in the gut punch being redirected and him easily avoiding the leg sweep. "You're right, it's about time to give up going easy." And then he's on the offensive again, moving through the berserker's blows and slamming the ridge of his palm into her throat before aiming a hook at the woman's jaw.

Tuthala's hand involuntarily goes to her own throat as Sevrin's palm catches Fiora's. Her eyes are wide, shoulders hunched up as she shrinks back behind the fenceline.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiora=Unarmed Vs Sevrin=Unarmed
< Fiora: Good Success Sevrin: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Offense is met with offense. Fiora takes the hit to her jaw and just keeps attacking, letting the pain fuel her as much as her rage. She throws another punch at Sevrin's face. Her grey eyes narrowed in focus but the look in them is wild, raw untamed rage swirls in those eyes. While the berserker may have taken a hit but she doesn't really seem to even feel it, or at least she doesn't show it.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=unarmed Vs Fiora=unarmed
< Sevrin: Good Success Fiora: Good Success
< Net Result: Fiora wins - Marginal Victory

It appears the match has turned into a flurry of flying punches, mainly on Fiora's side. Sevrin is a trooper though, using his hands and elbows to deflect hits before he does something new entirely. He hops back and brings his foot around, heel directed at the gray eyed lady's jaw.

Tuthala inches along the fenceline towards the kitchens, eyes darting around for quick lines of escape in case things get uglier. The rage in Fiora's eyes isn't doing anything to settle her nerves as she pockets the glass eye and keeps inching.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiora=Unarmed Vs Sevrin=Unarmed
< Fiora: Good Success Sevrin: Great Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Solid Victory

Fiora manages to just narrowly dodge the kick to her jaw. Though she has been trying to hide it she is a bit tired at this point. Her breathing is heavier as she swings another punch at Sevrin's stomach. Still despite being tired and despite the bruise forming on her face she keeps going. Stubborn and not backing down in the slightest.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sevrin=unarmed Vs Fiora=unarmed
< Sevrin: Good Success Fiora: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Sevrin looks a little beat too, he's wet with sweat and is slowing down a little. Coincidentally, he throws a punch at the same time as Fiora, his fist slamming into hers.

Hopping the fence once more, Tuthala makes her way past the gathering crowd that has started to encircle the match. She takes a step towards the kitchens, but can't seem to pull her gaze from the fight in progress. With a sigh, she settles in just behind an adept who is standing, arms crossed, just beyond the gaggle of recruits.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fiora=Unarmed Vs Sevrin=Unarmed
< Fiora: Success Sevrin: Great Success
< Net Result: Sevrin wins - Solid Victory

There is another punch thrown and Fiora snarls in frustration as her fatigue catches up with her at long last. She slows and takes a step back raising her hands to signal the end of the fight. She is breathing hard, sweating and she looks like she may fall over from exhaustion. Yet Sevrin gets a wicked grin. "I think we ought to call it a draw this time. Its nice to see you can keep up with me better than most though." There is a faint look of respect there and she dips her head to the man faintly. She won't admit she lost due to getting tired though and there is a determined gleam in her eyes that likely means she will be doing more stamina training at ungodly hours of the morning.

"Yeah, a draw then." Sevrin agrees with a nod. He lowers his guard and steps forward to offer the woman a hand for shaking. "Oh," he raises his voice over the crowd, "can I get my eye back please?" He shifts his gaze over towards the adept that looks entirely displeased the archery lesson turned into a fist fight.

Tuthala blinks a little, surprised at the 'friendly' ending to an otherwise brutal fight, and starts a bit at the call for the eye. Reaching into her pocket she slips it out and steps forward, eyeing it curiously once more before handing it off a little reticently. "Kinda hoped you wouldn't have noticed it missing. Where'd you get it?"

The hand is considered a very brief moment before Fiora reaches out her own and shakes it firmly. She doesn't smile but she does look faintly pleased. "We will have to do that again sometime." Withdrawing her hand she turns to go heading in the direction of the tavern. After that fight the crowd seems all too willing to part for her too.

"Well, it's my eye." Sevrin grins at Tuthala, taking the eye back and slipping it in a pocket until he can wash it off. "Knothole Glade, but I'm sure they make them in Bowerstone too." Then there's a sigh and him plating himself firmly on the ground. "Looks like I'm gonna have to start going to the island more if I want to stay on top of these fights. Got complacent."

Tuthala glances back at Fiora as she heads out, then up at Sevrin, "Will use or no, She could have had you eating dirt if she had a sword in hand. Not like I should talk. I'd probably be dead against either of you."

Fiora glances back briefly and then disappears inside the tavern in search of ale and rest.

"I'm not awful with a weapon either. And I've got a little bit of speed on here, I imagine it'd have played out about the same." Sevrin replies with a dismissive wave of his hand. "But if you're in need, I'll help you out here and there. Figure I could pass on a little of what I know, it's only right."

Tuthala grimaces a bit, looking Sevrin up and down as she crosses her arms, "What, you want to teach me how to punch people?" Noting the bruises and scrapes over his knuckles and face, she cocks an eyebrow, "I'm not sure I'd even survive training."

Sevrin lets out a chuckle before grinning at the woman. "It's not that awful. Besides, never know when you might need it when you're out there. Especially once you become a hero."

Wrinkling her nose a bit, Tuthala nods to cede the point, "Seems like that's the only way to get out of this place. Alright then. How does one train in getting punched and punching in return?"

"Best way to learn is by doing." Sevrin informs Tuthala. "Which means there will be a lot of trying to punch me in the face, and trying not to get punched in returned."

Tuthala cracks a wry smile, "I hope that being smaller will help with that last part." She nods at Sevrin, "So, do I get to punch you now that you're all tired out? That is a good starting point for a beginner, right?"

"I might need to go see somebody proficient in healing. She hits pretty hard." Sevrin says with a sigh. "But I'm more than willing to spar with you afterwards."

Tuthala nods, eyeing the bruises that already seem to be darkening before her eyes, "Hopefully Fiora got some healing as well. I can't say I'm looking forward to our lessons, but I'll show up." Tuthala waves a few fingers over her shoulder, and heads for the tavern and the promise of food.

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